The Clog’s ideas for holiday break hobbies

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With the end of the year inching closer, we’ve preemptively brainstormed a few ideas on how you can get creative and destress over the holidays. Attempt them by yourself or with friends and family and prepare yourself well for the inevitable What did you do over break? question. We hope you enjoy!

Try your hand at film photography

The lost art of taking photos with film is making its way back into social trends once again. You can purchase a film camera for anywhere from $5 to $500, depending on how much of an investment you want to make in your craft. Take photos of friends, family or even our campus squirrels and watch them all materialize into album material or room decorations when you get them developed.

Learn how to make latte art

OK, we’ve all seen the images of pretty coffee on our social media feeds. If you’re a fan of the craft, sign up for a class, watch a few YouTube videos or make friends with a barista. Learning how to make quality latte art in your own home will impress your friends and give you the option to transform your kitchen into a coffeehouse on a whim.

Pick up journaling

Whether you feel like you’re overflowing with thoughts or just want to get creative, try your hand at journaling. This could be jotting down your thoughts at the end of the day for self-reflection or creating a custom bullet journal to organize your social and academic spheres in an artistic way. You can even intertwine the two to fit what works best for you!

Make yourself a bucket list

Do you have a list of iconic 90s movies that you’ve been dying to see or a list of places in your town that you’ve always thought about but never gotten around to visiting? Maybe even a list of Trader Joe’s holiday items to try? Now’s your chance. Craft a holiday break bucket list to embark on new adventures with your friends, family or even alone. As always, be safe and have fun!

We hope that these suggestions have you excited about the coming break, even if you don’t have any plans yet. From everyone here at the Clog, be kind to yourself and go have some fun! You’ve earned it.

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