How to have fun during foggy days

flickr/Creative Commons

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Sunny days scream positive vibes. Cloudy days are just depressing but become refreshing when it rains. Snowy days are cozy, until the snow intensifies into a blizzard, becoming chaotic and anxious. And then there are foggy days. Foggy days are, simply put, eerie. The eeriness of fog comes from the mystery of not knowing what’s around you. From a high vantage point, the city disappears, replaced by a layer of blankness, with no indication of any life besides what can be assumed from people driving into and out of the blankness and the occasional bright blinking light from tall buildings. What better way to take advantage of this mysterious weather than by doing fun stuff inside of it?

Play hide-and-seek

Foggy conditions are the best conditions for hide-and-seek. Hiding is infinitely easier since seekers have minimized vision and therefore must depend on their other senses, such as smelling and hearing. As a result, seeking becomes much more skill-oriented and less luck-based. These two conditions can combine together to create the ideal game environment. The massive area the fog covers also contributes to the size of the game. The larger the area that the fog covers, the larger the game of hide-and-seek can be. Imagine a game of hide-and-seek all around campus. It would be legendary and would utilize the fog to near-maximum capabilities.

Pretend there is a zombie apocalypse

Another great way to use the fog would be by pretending we are in a zombie apocalypse. From afar, the fog represents the mist that frequently surrounds areas infested with zombies, seemingly giving birth to these undead creatures. A great prank to play on anybody would be pretending to walk around like a zombie. This would work especially well on Halloween, but it is a very conditional activity.

Let it count as your shower

For some of us, showers can be tough to add to our schedule. For the rest of us humans, they are immovable and must be taken every day. Fog really is, however, just condensed water vapor, so in dire times, one could do their work and take a shower at the same time. After a long arduous day of coding, the walk back home from Soda Hall could also serve as shower time, so that no time is wasted on showering once back home.

Get the creative juices flowing

The mystery of foggy weather can really get to the brain and throw people into wild dilemmas. After all, Victorian stories mostly take place during foggy weather. Therefore, fog is ideal for letting loose some of that creative spirit inside every UC Berkeley student. Lounging on a field, spilling thoughts on to paper and reliving life as a Victorian-era novelist are all heightened experiences when there is fog around.

Fog may make the weather chillier and scarier at night, but by no means does that make fog bad. The possibilities are endless, and the memories are long-lasting when it comes to chilling in the fog. So enjoy it while it lasts.

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