We loaf you: Our favorite sandwich spots in Berkeley

Gisselle Reyes/Staff

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Sandwiches have to be one of the best lunch options out there. They hit almost all of the categories of the food chain (protein, dairy, vegetables and grains), but still, not many people appreciate the glory and art stored between those two slices of bread. Coming in a variety of different flavors and types, there has to be a sandwich out there that will definitely satisfy your cravings. We at the Clog are here to share some of our favorite sandwich spots in Berkeley. That’s right dear sandwiches, we haven’t forgotten the joy you bring to our bellies.  

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches

This is a no-brainer. Ike’s has to be one of our top sandwich spots. Serving a variety of unique vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, as well as meat-loving ones, there is no way you can go wrong with Ike’s. Some of our favorites include the Pee Wee, Tangerine Girl, Menage a Trois and Dirty Reuben. Did we mention that each sandwich comes with a caramel apple lollipop? 

Cheese n’ Stuff 

Known for its unbeatable prices and location that is conveniently right next to Unit 3 residence hall, Cheese n’ Stuff is extremely popular among UC Berkeley students. Large portions, cheap and delicious, what more can you ask for? Its chicken pesto panini, Deluxe Sandwich and Turkey Delight are all musts. Also word on the street, you should definitely get your sandwich on its dutch crunch!  

The Butcher’s Son 

The Butcher’s Son is the only completely vegan deli in Berkeley. Every sandwich on its menu is creatively made with meat alternatives ⁠— you honestly cannot taste the difference! Served on a garlic bread kaiser roll with its house-made vegan buffalo fried chicken, bacon, lettuce and ranch, its Buffalo Bacon Ranch Fried Chicken sandwich is to die for. The Hot Garlic Lemon Chicken Pesto is also another favorite of ours. Go with a friend and split two sandwiches, so you can experience more than one of its mouthwatering sandwiches.  


If you’re looking for a killer, large sandwich for lunch, then Mezzo is the perfect place for you. 

Only $10.50, the Marinated Tofu sandwich and B.L.T.A served on its famous honey wheat bread is made like no other. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! If you haven’t tried Mezzo yet, you’re missing out! 

Bagel Street Cafe 

Nothing beats a simple toasted bagel with cream cheese in the morning. Freshly made every morning, Bagel Street Cafe is indeed our plug for bagels in Berkeley. It serves a variety of bagels from sesame and asiago to strawberry. If you’re looking for something more filling, it also has fantastic eggwiches (your choice of meat, cheese and egg on a toasted bagel) and a BLT.  

Can you tell the Clog loves sandwiches? Appreciate the craft behind sandwiches by trying out any of our favorite sandwich spots in Berkeley!

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