Editors’ note: Always there for the Bears

Mental health is clearly a relevant topic on campus that affects every single one of us Bears. Whether this is your first semester at UC Berkeley or your last, your mental health has had an impact on your college experience. We hope that this special issue will remind you to prioritize your mental health and to remember that academics should always take a back seat. 

We want you to take some time to take care of yourselves and others. Kick back, relax and browse through this year’s mental health special issue. Read about alternative self-care methods, mental health within cultures, the terminology of mental health and more! There is so much more to say, but we encourage you to continue this conversation with your friends, family and community.  

Let’s make sure to love and appreciate ourselves and one another a little more today. No matter what, we’ll always be there for the Bears. 

Joyce Cam is the special issues editor. Contact Joyce at [email protected].