Seize the day: A bucket list every UC Berkeley student needs to fulfill before graduating

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Lily Callender/Staff

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As the fall semester comes to a close, seniors are reminded that their time at UC Berkeley is also coming to an end. Whether youre about to embark on life after college or you’re just a freshman just getting started, here are a few things to check out while youre still at UC Berkeley. For all of you students, weve compiled a college bucket list for inspiration. Complete it with us!

Go to a UC Berkeley sporting event

Regardless if youre a sports fanatic or have literally no idea what sports are, attending a UC Berkeley sporting event is a must. Whether its soccer, football, lacrosse or anything else that sparks your interest, youre sure to be surrounded by people yelling, Go Bears! It may not be your thing, but it is a quintessential college experience you have to try at least once. It also awakens a sense of school pride you can take with you into alumni status.

Check out Taco Tuesday

If youve reached the legal drinking age, one of Berkeleys most under-hyped nights out is Taco Tuesday. You get to head to a bar with your friends and eat cheap tacos with discounted drinks. Its not as big of a commitment as Thirsty Thursday, and the laid-back atmosphere will give way to fun conversations with other students. So, next time you have a Tuesday night off, head to Telegraph Avenue for some tacos.

Watch the sunset at Grizzly Peak

You absolutely cannot leave Berkeley without seeing the sunset from Grizzly Peak. Its just a short drive up to the Berkeley Hills and has areas for sitting and parking. You can enjoy the view with the feeling of being on top of the world. One of my favorite memories from my first semester on campus was going to Grizzly Peak, and I can guarantee that if you go, it will stick with you wherever you move later in life.

Visit the top of the Campanile

As obvious as this one sounds, a ton of people graduate from our lovely institution without ever going to the top of the Campanile. If this description fits you, all I can say is, go! The view is insanely beautiful, the air is crisp and you can get some bomb photos of the Bay. It will give you a new appreciation for our city, and its free for students!

Check out every library once

The number of libraries we have is overwhelming compared to most universities, but thats what makes our campus so special. Get out of your daily rut of heading to the Environmental Design Library or Moffitt Library and check out one of the other libraries at our school. Join us in trying to visit every single one before graduation. Maybe leave a sweet little note at your spot for the next library-goer to see and smile.

Wander through the UC Botanical Garden

Go check out the UC Botanical Garden, a surprisingly under-visited location. Even if plants arent your usual source of entertainment, the ambiance is incredible and the smell is divine. So, next time you have a free afternoon and want to do something new, head over to the Botanical Garden and enjoy.

Late-night stroll through campus

I definitely would recommend taking a buddy, but a stroll through campus at night with friends is so fun. You can appreciate the beauty of our school at night without the pressure of running to your next class. My favorite spot is reflecting on the semester after finals on the steps of Doe Memorial Library with friends. Or try to complete a scavenger hunt with university facts and race against your buds.

Picnic on Memorial Glade

It wouldnt be a semester at UC Berkeley without a little glade picnic. Picnicking on the glade is one of the more common activities on campus, and many people have partaken in the act of eating food on this lovely patch of grass. So, if you havent, go find a group. If you have, go again. It never gets old! If youre feeling crazy, bring along your best hammock, slackline or Frisbee.

Hike through Tilden Park

Although its only a short walk or drive away, its easy to forget about the beauty of wandering through Tilden Park. The stunning environment is necessary to see before leaving this city. So, next time you want to escape life for a few hours, go hike at Tilden Park and youll have a growing appreciation for the green hills of Berkeley.

Whether youre a freshman or senior, get moving! Have fun and take advantage of our exciting campus before you make it to alumni status. The memories will last you long after graduation.

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