How to tackle the Big Apple in 24 hours

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Twenty-four hours is not a lot of time, especially when you’re visiting the city that never sleeps. There are endless tourist destinations, neighborhoods and restaurants in New York City, but with only one full day, it’s impossible to see them all. Here are the Clog’s best tips for those who plan on taking on the Big Apple in such a short amount of time.

Make a plan 

Your first step is choosing what type of 24 hours this will be. Planning ahead of time will make your trip much more efficient and enjoyable. Are you going to try to fit in as many tourist spots as possible? Eat every meal at a different foodie hot spot? Just enjoy the day walking around Central Park? All of these are great options, but it’s up to you and your travel companions to decide what you want to tackle during your short stay there. Once that is decided, the rest of the planning will become a lot easier.

Tourist destinations

While places such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are must-sees, it might be a smarter decision to save those for when you have more time in the city. Those spots are typically super crowded and will take up a big chunk of your precious time. Instead, plan for other places you want to visit that take up less time. To be strategic, try to map out tourist attractions that are close together — this will save you a lot of travel time. Because there are so many tourist attractions in NYC, it’s super important to prioritize them by your interests. If art is your passion, plan on heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If shopping is what makes you happy, take a trip to Fifth Avenue. If Times Square and its theatrics appeal to you, maybe reserving tickets to a Broadway show is the best option. No matter what excites you the most about your trip to the city, make sure you take your limited time into consideration.

Make reservations ahead of time 

If hitting a foodie destination for all three meals of the day is what you want to do, make sure you plan accordingly. Especially if you’re traveling on the weekend, a lot of the hot spots and small cozy hideaways fill up quickly. There are a lot of options to choose from, so pick a place that keeps transportation time low and is close to your lodging. This will help save time, so you can fit other activities into your packed schedule. Make reservations if possible and try to be realistic with your dining options because you don’t have much time to waste. 

Plan transportation 

After deciding what you want to do and where you want to go, make sure you plan your transportation. Sitting in New York City traffic in a taxi or an Uber can eat up all of your time and money. On a quick trip such as this, it might make more sense to travel a different way. A great option is taking a bus tour, such as a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus. These take you all around the city and will most likely stop near whatever tourist destination you want to go to. Another option is walking; this will give you a different look at the city while you’re en route to your tourist attraction. Plus, if you don’t plan on doing a whole foodie tour, you can stop for fresh pizza, giant pretzels and mouthwatering hot dogs that are available on every corner. 

Even with only 24 hours, it’s still completely possible to enjoy plenty of what New York City has to offer! Plan accordingly, so you can experience your brief time in the Big Apple to the fullest!


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