Baby, it’s cold outside: How to stay motivated in cold weather

Nirvana Ellaboudy/Staff

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As the cold weather is setting in and daylight saving time is upon us, it’s easy to feel less motivated. We get it — staying in bed under the cozy covers and binging on warm comfort food is all you want to do. But the end of the semester is right around the corner! You can do this. Here are four things to help keep you prepared to take on the rest of the semester.

Wear the right clothes

With Berkeley’s confusing weather, it’s easy to be unsure of how to dress on the daily. Thanks to technology, we can check our weather apps and know the predicted temperatures for any time of the day — it’s right at our fingertips, so utilize it! If you have morning or night classes, make sure you layer properly. It’s tough when it seems to get pretty warm midday, but wearing layers makes it simple. Cold? Keep the layers on. Hot? Take a layer or two off. If you’re not dressed right for the cold weather, you’re going to want to skip class and get into bed as soon as possible. To avoid this, make sure you’re prepared for all kinds of weather to help you stay focused on finishing these last few weeks of the semester strong.  

Eat properly

Making sure you’re still eating properly will help keep you motivated too. When the weather gets cold, it seems like warm comfort food is the only thing we crave. Put the extra effort in to continue eating the right foods to fuel your life. If you let the cold weather sway your meal choices, you may end up feeling even less energized and inclined to be productive. Soup is a great option for this time of year; there’s always a new soup to try and it’ll keep you full and warm. Plus, it’s super easy to get around campus. Ladle & Leaf is right across from campus and offers a plethora of options. The Golden Bear café (GBC) also offer two choices each day, so soup is a great way to spend all those meal points you have left over toward the end of the semester!

Get a good night’s sleep

You should be getting enough sleep every night, but this is especially crucial during the winter! Making sure you get the proper sleep will help you fight off the inevitable spread of all of the winter sicknesses that you cannot afford to deal with coming into finals season! With more rest, it’ll be a lot easier to take on the cold weather — from picking the right clothes to eating properly, you’ll be more prepared to tackle all of this with a good night’s rest.

Set small goals for yourself

With the end of the semester finally in view, you may feel just about ready to go home for the long-awaited winter break! But we still have a few weeks of work ahead of us and, as Troy Bolton says, we need to keep our heads in the game! A good way to do that is to break up this last stretch of school into sections. We only have a week and a half until we can stuff ourselves to the brink of explosion on Thanksgiving! This next week, make sure you work hard so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving break. Then once you’ve been properly stuffed, reset your game plan once more; after we get back from Thanksgiving, we only have one week of actual classes left! Try to make the most of them because once this semester comes to a close, you’ll never have to see them again. The last section of this push is RRR week! Tap into that last bit of brainpower and study! Don’t let the lack of a regular schedule and classwork throw you off your game. That being said, do what works best for you — take breaks, eat well and get a good night’s sleep to ensure you’re studying as efficiently as possible because, after that final effort, you’re done!

We hope these tips help you stay motivated for the rest of the semester. Finish this semester strong, Golden Bears!

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