Snack Box closes its doors after 2 months

Gisselle Reyes/Staff

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Snack Box, which served American comfort food at Hearst Food Court, has closed after two months.

The short-term restaurant was created to use up the last six months of its lease after its main restaurant, Snack Shack, relocated to Euclid Avenue, according to co-owner Scott Wortmann. To differentiate Snack Box from the main location, the owners decided on a chicken sandwich concept, Wortmann said. October’s PG&E power outages, which affected much of Northside, resulted in decreased business at Snack Box, leading Wortmann and co-owner Rachel Spector to close the restaurant’s doors.

“October’s the busiest month and we lost a ton of sales and inventory,” Wortmann said. “(We) couldn’t come up with the rent money.”

While some students did not eat at Snack Box, campus sophomore Celeste Castro said she was a repeat customer and was disappointed to hear that the restaurant closed.

“We went (to Snack Box) repeatedly. The food was nice,” Castro said. “We’re kind of bummed out that it’s closed because it’s closer than the other one, even though the difference in distance is superficial, as it’s only like a block down. But it’s less convenient.”

Business at Snack Shack’s new location has been doing “great,” according to Wortmann. He added that the customer base has changed for the better on Euclid Avenue, with new customers who neither would have visited nor seen the previous location at Hearst Food Court.

Wortmann said Snack Shack will be releasing a large catering menu in December. It will also have its beer license in January with seven beer taps later in the year and extend its Monday through Friday breakfast menu to seven days a week.

“We were definitely going to leave Berkeley after the old lease ran up, but now we want to stay for ten more years,” Wortmann said. “Or until Berkeley kicks us out and gets tired of our saucy food.”

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