A cluster of game day haiku for poetic jocks

Illustration of Oski holding a skull
Nishali Naik/Staff

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Every year, the annual showdown between UC Berkeley and the other school brings high tensions. Everyone is brimming with a weird mix of hope and careful caution. The shimmering blue and gold lights at night are a reminder of how much we love our school and how beautiful campus is year-round. Here are a few haiku to bring your spirits up when you are feeling a bit down during the week of the Big Game.

“Two Towers”

Taller by 8 yards

8 yards away from touchdown

The bells ring at home 

“Blue Solo Cup”

No red allowed here, thanks

A toast to the football team

And end of midterms

“White Gloves”

Hands behind his back

Skipping through the stadium

Our brave Oski shines

“The Axe”

Give it back, you tree

We will earn it back, you’ll see

Our team practiced hard


Fear sweeps the giant crowd

Everyone is watching close

May the best team win

“Blue & Gold”

Though our brains are fried

Nothing beats the gold sunsets

Or the clear blue bay

“Glorified Stick”

Oh god, here it comes

Why is it smiling like that

Oski would never

“Alarm Clock”

Am I late to class?

What day is it, my head hurts

Did we win this year?

A football game lasts much longer than a haiku, and our attention spans are short, but we’re happy to watch the entire game to see our the Bears’ dreams to come true!

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