A guide to game day wear: Big Game 2019 edition

Maya Valluru/Staff

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If you’re ready to cheer on the Golden Bears at Stanford University this weekend and not sure where to find UC Berkeley gear, don’t fret! Here is a guide to getting UC Berkeley gear new, used or ready for alterations. We took into account price and accessibility, so be ready to scream “Go Bears!” in a killer yellow and navy outfit this weekend. 

Bancroft Clothing Co. 

A go-to destination for UC Berkeley gear is right across the street from Sproul Hall. Bancroft Clothing Co. has everything you need from sweatshirts to beanies. The best part is its prices are so affordable. For example, you can get shirts on sale for $10! That way, if you’re in the mood to cut a “V” or crop the bottom, you won’t feel guilty for shredding a shirt to match your game day vision. This store doesn’t necessarily have the most unique pieces, but it has a massive variety of items and killer sales. 

Bear Basics 

Also known as T-Shirt Orgy, Bear Basics is home to more creative UC Berkeley finds that won’t break the bank. If you’re trying to find that quintessential bucket hat or tie-dye UC Berkeley tee, Bear Basics is the place you’re looking for. It also has a selection of discounted classic major shirts, such as engineering or mathematics. You can sport your major with pride and watch the defeat of Stanford’s football team. If you’re worried about getting chilly, it has an excellent scarf selection and gloves if you need them. Just don’t forget to look at the crazy T-shirt selection of Bay Area slang in its basement. 


If you’re into school colors but want something you can wear again, check out the selection at Anastasia. This clothing boutique features a range of thrifted finds, as well as newly made clothing. The majority of its picks are trendy and modern. Plus, navy and mustard yellow make a recurring appearance in their clothing selection. So, grab a mustard skirt and try pairing it with a navy top and white jacket. Your outfit will scream school spirit, and you can just change the top and wear it to school Monday. Also, the thrifted section of its store allows you to bring in clothes for possible credit. You may be able to get that outfit without spending a dime! Just thrift with an open mind. 


If you want to thrift some vintage gear but don’t feel like scouring a store, you’re in luck! Depop is available as an app on your smartphone, or you can check out its website on your laptop. It is, essentially, a marketplace for previously worn items online. The best part is that you can type in keywords to narrow your searches, such as “UC Berkeley” or “Navy.” You’d be surprised by the cool vintage sweatshirts you can find that get delivered right to your door. The catch is that items may be a little more on the pricey side compared to stores such as Goodwill; you will still pay less than you would at most retail stores, however. Plus, you can browse in the comfort of your own living room!

Get creative 

When shopping for game day outfits, especially on a budget, don’t be afraid to get a little creative! It’s amazing how a regular tee can be transformed into a classic tube top or halter. Shirts can be a bit tricky to cut, but if you hop on YouTube, you can find a billion videos with step-by-step directions. Another trick for looking more spirited is UC Berkeley inspired makeup. Writing “Cal” on your cheek with blue eyeliner or using mascara and a brush to paint on a couple of lines under your eyes can add a sporty feel with little effort. Finally, if you’re really struggling to be creative, don’t be afraid to turn your freshman year lanyard into a belt, it actually looks pretty dope. 

These are just a few ideas for getting your best game day outfit without breaking the bank. Don’t be afraid to find pieces you can wear again or play around with accessories to really get into school spirit. So, after class, head to a store near you and get some gear to cheer on the Golden Bears this Big Game!

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