Catch game day vibes: A Big Game playlist

Oski listening to an iPod
Emily Filkin/File

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The Big Game is here. Big Game is one of the most exciting events of the fall, and this year Stanford University is holding the game. This means UC Berkeley students will have to make the trek across the Bay to Stanford to partake in game day festivities and watch a riveting game of football. We curated a playlist of the best songs to game day to, so fetch your most creative blue and gold outfit, burn some trees and crank up this playlist to get in the spirit. 

This playlist helps us show that public school does it better. It mixes trendy game day music of the now with game day hits of yesteryear. It includes Bakar’s “Hell n Back,” which aptly describes the experience of having to go to Stanford for the game, as well as UC Berkeley classic “Novacane” by Frank Ocean. Sprinkled in are a few UC Berkeley hits, such as “California Drinking Song” and “Hail to California,” because those slap harder than any contemporary hit. Unfortunately, game day staple “Wonderwall X Tremor” isn’t on Spotify, but we guess the original will suffice. We even included a song by the Berkeley legend, Lil B, because has a famous rapper ever been from Palo Alto? We think not. 

We hope this playlist colors your pregame, the long bus ride home and back, as well as the inevitable disappointment from how clean and nice the Stanford campus is. Don’t worry, we included a couple of sad songs in case we lose to Stanford for the 10th year in a row. We have faith that, through the power of music, we can prevail against the trees. Go Bears!

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