Clog Report: Stanford in need of some fun, invents The Daily Slog

Illustration of Stanford tree reading The Daily Slog
Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

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UC Berkeley, and Stanford University have been enemies since the 1890s, starting off with a baseball rivalry. Nowadays, UC Berkeley’s competitiveness with the Cardinal is predominantly present during Big Game season but is also commonly referenced when comparing academics, research and college life.

Now, the current Axe-bearers have decided to match UC Berkeley’s editorial prowess as well, filling a gap in their online content. Following The Daily Californian’s production of its beloved The Daily Clog, 13 years later, Stanford is now in the midst of creating its own blog, wittily called The Daily Slog.

“We were missing something on this campus, and we couldn’t figure out what it was. So I looked through The Daily Californian website for inspiration on how we could bolster our content,” said Kopy Khat, the newest and first editor of The Daily Slog. “We stumbled across The Daily Clog and just loved the versatility of its content, including travel stories, eating reviews and satire.”

“Honestly, I am not surprised that The Daily Clog is our inspiration,” said Lee Hoover, a Stanford senior and forestry major. “I’ve been a Clog reader since I entered Stanford, and reading their pieces makes my day better, even if it isn’t sourced directly from my own university.”

Blogging started in 1994 and has steadily grown in popularity in the past 25 years. The Daily Californian jumped in just as the writing form’s popularity began to skyrocket, establishing The Daily Clog in 2006, just recently hitting its 13th birthday Oct. 16. 

The Daily Slog will include three different blogs: Travel Palo Alto, Eating Palo Alto and The Daily Slog, highlighting college life and satire.

Moreover, after websites such as WordPress were created, blogging has become easier and quicker than ever, making it a global phenomenon. Truly, only one question remains after this: Why has it taken Stanford so long to make this move?

In Khat’s opinion, it’s been a mixture of reasons. “Primarily, it’s because the quirky content you get from blogging didn’t seem to fit with Stanford’s image. Stanford is a serious and prestigious institution and introducing something as casual as blogging really doesn’t match that image. Really, we’re just doing this to make Stanford relevant again.”

The Daily Slog will officially launch in January 2020. Surprisingly, The Daily Clog is actually flattered. “We’re just excited that college blogging is becoming more popular, and The Daily Clog has been one of the drivers of this,” said Stan B. Log, a senior staff writer for The Daily Clog. “Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?”

This is a satirical article written purely for entertainment purposes.

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