Life’s batter with cake: Best cakes in Berkeley to celebrate National Cake Day with

Jack Whaley/Staff

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Nov. 26 is National Cake Day! Cakes are too good to only be consumed on birthdays; if it were up to us, every day would be National Cake Day. To celebrate this amazing holiday dedicated to the gloriousness of this amazing, sweet dessert, here are some of the bakeries that sell the best cakes in Berkeley.

Paris Baguette

Originated in South Korea, Paris Baguette has grown to be one of the most popular bakery franchises in Asia. While the extravagant and beautiful cake decorations are what attracts most of its customers, the light, fluffy whipped cream on the cakes is what keeps them coming back. Its store in Downtown Berkeley is always filled with people buying delicious cakes. While you’re there, you should definitely grab a few pastries as well. 

Masse’s Pastries

Located in North Berkeley, Masse’s Pastries specializes in fine European-style cakes and pastries. It’s the hot spot for cakes for any celebration, such as weddings or birthdays. The unique designs and delicious flavors are what make the custom cakes so popular. Its macarons and tarts are very famous too!

Crixa Cakes

Established in 1998, Crixa Cakes takes pride in the fact that all the cakes and pastries that it offers are homemade. While this requires a lot more work, it really is worth all the time and effort, as each cake is unique and flavorful. This spot is most known for its seasonal cakes, so if you want to grab a slice, make sure you go early. 

Sweet Adeline Bakeshop

Located in South Berkeley, Sweet Adeline Bakeshop is also famous for its celebration cakes. The designs are simple yet elegant, and the flavor of these cakes explodes in your mouth. The fruity cakes are the most popular — people will always be in line to pick up some of this delicious sugary confection. You can even ask them to make your cake vegan, and it’ll still be just as delicious!

These are some of the bakeries with the best cakes in Berkeley. Celebrate National Cake Day by trying one (or all) of these places! You won’t regret it.

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