The Clog breakdown: Cake as UC Berkeley majors

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While desserts come in all shapes and sizes, nothing is perhaps more classic than a slice of cake. Be it cheesecake or a molten lava delight, there’s a type of cake for everyone. While dessert, and cake in particular, is simply the afterparty of the meal, we at the Clog can’t help but wonder about the cake slice each UC Berkeley major corresponds to. Lo and behold, here’s what the Clog thinks is the cake that fits each kind of major.

Civil engineering

From building bridges to designing buildings, civil engineering is all about structures and patterns. Keeping that in mind, there’s no cake more structurally sound than an angel food cake. Tall yet fluffy, the cake itself feels like an engineer made it because there isn’t even any butter, a common ingredient in cakes. There’s a science behind making an angel food cake, moreso than for others.

Business Administration (Haas Undergraduate Program)

Two things come to mind when the Clog thinks of Haas: snakes and money. That being said, there’s nothing more decadent and luxurious than a good devil’s food cake, topped with gold foil of course. Much like the versatility of the UC Berkeley business administration major, a slice of this cake can be accompanied by anything, from a scoop of ice cream to a hot sip of coffee.


From creative fiction writing to journalism, the English major is the best major on campus to perfect your writing skills. Being a simple yet versatile major basically makes these literary pals cheesecakes. Every English major is some type of cheesecake, be it the blueberry-flavored variety or a cookies and cream infusion, with the flavors representing the different styles of writing.


Astrophysics majors study the stars and galaxies, and of course, a cake needs to reflect this. Literally. The mirror cake is the ideal cake to represent the stargazers, being glossy, smooth and reflective, just like the night sky. It’s also the mystery behind the veil of mirror glaze that makes this cake so appropriate, however. After all, who really knows what goes on in the minds of astrophysics majors under that veil of dark eyebags and fatigue?

Legal studies

With their strong opinions and debate skills, being a legal studies major needs a mix of creativity, passion and boldness. In terms of cake, nothing is more bold and flavorful than a lemon meringue cake. Most of all, making a legal case requires layers of perspectives and information, making the cake an even better fit. Tart yet sweet, the separate components of the cake make for a carefully blended symphony of lemon and vanilla but also mixes the fluffy texture of the cake with the creamy meringue and the thick curd.

While this doesn’t cover every major on campus, we at the Clog hope that you have a National Cake Day full of scrumptious dessert, major-related or not!

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