Why the Big Game should always be at California Memorial Stadium

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Although it’s a tradition for the host of the Big Game to alternate each year, we at the Clog think that it should always be played at California Memorial Stadium. In case the fact that UC Berkeley is inherently better than Stanford University isn’t enough to convince you of this, we have compiled a list of valid arguments for why the game should always be in Berkeley.

Memorial Stadium has a larger seating capacity.

It’s literally in the name of the game. The Big Game is supposed to be big, which is physically impossible in Stanford’s stadium with a capacity of 50,424. But Memorial Stadium holds 62,467 spectators, allowing the game to truly live up to its name.

The potential of an earthquake shaking the stadium keeps you on your toes.

In case you didn’t already know this, a fun fact about Memorial Stadium is that it’s built directly on top of the Hayward Fault line. The stadium was actually constructed in two parts, with expansion joints placed along the connecting points to allow the sides to move independently in the case of an earthquake. Though it’s easy to forget about this once you’re actually in the stadium, the fact that “the big one” could come at any time is enough to keep anyone on their toes; it would also make you, as a spectator, a part of history if it were to happen.

Memorial Stadium offers amazing sunset views.

I’m sure we’ve all felt our calves burning on the steep trek up to the stadium. Yet once you’re at the top, the view is well worth it. If the game falls during sunset, which is likely to be the case, fans are treated to one of the finest views you could find. There’s no beating the ability to simultaneously watch football and the sunset.

Its proximity to cheap late-night snacks.

Stanford’s campus, and therefore its stadium, is separated by a freeway from the city of Palo Alto, and any late-night snacks that you might be craving after a long game are likely to be well over a college student’s budget. On the other hand, Memorial Stadium is just a few blocks from every type of food you could want after the game. Hot dogs, tacos, pasta and ice cream — it’s all right there when you need it, and for a reasonable price!

The existence of Tightwad Hill

The hill on the eastern side of Memorial Stadium offers a free view of the game. Since the Big Game of 1923, when fans who were unable to score a ticket to the sold-out game made their way up the hill to catch a glimpse of the action, spectators have crowded on the hill even when there are empty seats in the stadium. Stanford Stadium fails to offer a comparative option to see the game for free, which adds to our argument that the game should always be at Memorial Stadium.

There you have it — a comprehensive argument as to why the Big Game should always be at Memorial Stadium. But for now, we have to suck it up, make the trek down to Stanford Stadium and hope that this will be the case in the future.

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