An ode to Brewed Awakening

Leo Tang/Staff

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On campus, there are tons of places where you can get your morning cup of joe, but coffee shops nowadays offer more than just coffee to stand out. Coffee shops continue to grow into one of the most popular places to get your work done, especially for students. But this makes sense — what could be more convenient when grinding out homework than having an unlimited coffee nearby? Now that coffee shops function as both a place to get your caffeine kick and as a hangout spot to meet with friends and get some work done, coffee shops have to provide the right atmosphere too. 

Brewed Awakening, a popular Northside cafe, perfectly encapsulates all that you could ever want in your neighborhood cafe. The minute I walked in, my Gen Z self felt right at home. The vibe at Brewed Awakening is a perfect mix of a trendy and cozy coffee shop. On one side of the cafe, a mural spans the entire length of the wall behind the ordering counter, portraying a beautiful serene nature scene. Directly opposite of that wall is a brick wall with sleek black posts. Interspersed within them are vibrant pieces of colorful art that give off a youthful appearance. Cool modern lights hang down from the ceiling, adding just the right ambient lighting. The back wall proudly displays quotes that add to the cafe’s ambiance and help put you in the working mood.

As a coffee shop, Brewed Awakening knows what it’s doing when it comes to caffeinated beverages. Not only does this spot offer all the caffeinated classics, it also does them well. Bonus: you can even get your espresso beverages blended! In addition to all the coffees, teas and specialty drinks, the cafe offers a myriad of refreshing smoothies and juices. My favorite is the berry rainbow smoothie; it’s perfectly balanced and has an amazingly thick texture. If you order it to be enjoyed in house, they’ll serve it to you in a cute glass jar — perfect for all your pics for the ‘gram.  

While the coffee drinks are always up to par, what really makes Brewed Awakening stand out is the incredible food. You’ll be truly shocked when you see the plethora of options including an extensive bagel and toast list. And if you were wondering: yes, Brewed Awakening does serve avocado toast — one of the best I’ve ever had actually! The smashed avocado is topped with a light layer of cotija cheese, seasonings and a splash of lemon — elevating it from your standard avocado toast! Try the cucumber hummus toast if you’re over the avocado toast trend. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, check out the different breakfast sandwiches. While all of the food options are solid, the real gem at Brewed Awakening is the Belgian waffle — caramelized to perfection and topped with a generous amount of Nutella and fresh strawberries and bananas. If you were to go to Brewed Awakening for anything, it would be this! 

Discovering Brewed Awakening has been life-changing for me. I try to make it a point to hike across campus to treat myself to one of the many delicious treats that this spot has to offer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. Whether you want a solid coffee, quick bite or a chill place to study, Brewed Awakening is the place to go! 

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