Take a walk: Why you won’t regret it!

Ireland Wagner/Staff

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Walking outdoors is great for a lot of reasons: it engages your glutes and core, elevates your heart rate and helps get you to class. But often we forget about the the biggest benefit of walking: it can change your perspective on your day, and also provides a host of amazing mental health benefits! I know we at UC Berkeley take walks on the daily to get to and from class, the library and extracurriculars — but I’m not referring to those types of frantic, purposeful strides in this article. Instead, the focus of this article is on the leisurely and peaceful walking that one embarks on for the sole reason of walking: no destination, just with the overall aim of increasing wellness and being outside. For those who may be unable to take a walk physically, spending some time outdoors and enjoying the fresh air has the same benefits!

So, why exactly is walking outside so beneficial?

Connects you to the outdoors

Walking connects you to the outdoors. Sadly, we usually live our lives surrounded more by cement buildings than verdant greenery, so seeking out some natural spaces or scenic streets is key for uplifting your mood. Find a nice street to walk down — we suggest one of the many neighborhood areas near College Avenue — and enjoy the scenery. Watch the sun coming down between the trees, appreciate the flowers and just enjoy the feeling of the autumn breeze on your face.

Gives you a break from your busy schedule

Walking is a great way to take a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of college life. Take 30 minutes to listen to your own thoughts, or don’t think at all! Whether you aim to clear your mind or hammer out a to-do list, walking can give you that much needed break that you deserve! 

Walking is calming

Walking is incredibly calming. Walking is geared toward mental wellness, and as a result you have the ability to take your time and enjoy your stroll! This walk is for YOU, so consider this peaceful moment an exercise in self-care, as well as a chance to slow down your day. If walking is not an option, try to find a spot that you find peaceful and enjoy some time for just you!

We hope this article inspired you to take some time to include walking or just simply spending more time outside into your schedule. Put on your favorite podcast, or just enjoy the sounds of the outdoors, and wake up early one morning to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Bay Area. We promise you won’t regret it!

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