When to study at Moffitt Library during dead week

Maddie Fruman/Staff

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Dead week is just around the corner. And unfortunately, it’s time to welcome back our slumber parties in our second home, Moffitt Library. If you’ve been grinding all semester, you’ve probably had a few sleepovers there already, but for the rest of us, the fun begins in just two short weeks. Moffitt is the go-to library because it is open 24 hours, Monday through Thursday. But this also means it becomes extremely packed and competitive when trying to find a seat. But, as always, the Clog is here to save the day with a guide to the best and worst times to go to Moffitt Library. Say goodbye to wasting your time trying to find a seat and say hello to finding a great study spot this coming dead week!

The crack of dawn:

From our observations, the best time to go to Moffitt is during the crack of dawn. During the hours of 5-8. a.m. there aren’t many, if any, people at Moffitt. This is usually the time when the all-nighters head back to their dens to sleep during the day, and the people who study during the day are still sleeping. Not only are you able to find a seat easily at this time, but you’ll even be lucky enough to find yourself an individual cubicle — an incredibly rare find! So, the Clog suggests that you start your day bright and early if you’re really trying to grind out at Moffitt.

The very late evening:

If you’re more of a night studier, then head over to Moffitt around 11 p.m. This is when the day studiers have left for the day, and morning studiers are already asleep in their beds back home. If you go in the very late evening, you might not be able to find yourself an individual cubicle, but you’ll definitely be able to find yourself a seat — something that is nearly impossible to do during the day!

When to never go — during midday: 

Never EVER go to Moffitt around 3-9 p.m. This is prime study time for many UC Berkeley students. The likelihood you’ll be able to find a good seat is probably less than 5%. And you’ll most likely find yourself stuck on the couches in the center of the library. We also suggest that if you need to study during this time period, head over to Doe Memorial Library or Main Stacks, which are nearby. Although these are popular spots too, there are generally more open spaces.

We at the Clog like to be prepared. And as dead week creeps up, we want you to be prepared to find a good study spot along with us. So be sure to follow these rules on when and when not to study at Moffitt Library. And always remember that Moffitt is not the only place to study on campus, as UC Berkeley is home to what seems like an endless amount of libraries! Good luck this coming dead week, Bears!

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