The Clog’s top ways to eat cookies

Aura Barrera/Staff

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Cookies are a versatile snack, being a quick and easy post-dinner dessert or something simple to munch on during the day. Aside from simply biting into one, however, there are a plethora of ways to enjoy a cookie. In celebration of National Cookie Day, here is the Clog’s short guide to the best ways to enjoy your favorite dessert!

With a cup of coffee or milk

As a kid, getting a cookie with a glass of milk was a common after-school snack. Well, switching out the milk with a latte is just like adulting up this treat, so you get that additional caffeine boost as well. As dead week and finals week come around, there’s nothing better than cheering yourself up with a warm caffeinated drink and a sweet treat on the side, like a ray of hope amongst the gloom and doom of exams.

Crumbled, as a topping

Cookies are full of layers of textures. From crunchy and crumbly on the outside, they slowly change as you bite into the cookie deeper until they’re soft and chewy. Well, if the crunchy part of the cookie is not for you, don’t eat it as is! Crumble that hard exterior onto soft-serve ice cream or another frozen dessert of your preference. The textural contrast of the soft dairy and the crunch of the cookie makes for an elegant yet easy dessert. If you’ve made cookies that have gone a little hard because you couldn’t finish them in time, this is the perfect method for that too!

Ice cream sandwich

This is pretty much a more structured form of the previous dessert, except you get to enjoy the whole cookie this time. Think of it as the perfect middle ground of dipping your cookie into milk and using it as a crumbled topping. You get the dairy softening your cookie, but you can hold everything together, and it’s more substantial than the other options.


This is as simple as it sounds. As a fan of the soft and decadent cookie, there’s nothing better than a cookie that’s either fresh out of the oven or one that’s been microwaved for 20 seconds, so it’s just that right amount of soft and oozy, but holds itself together nonetheless. It’s kind of like dipping your cookie into milk, but you don’t even need to risk losing your yummy treat in the depths of dairy when it gets soggy and breaks off.

Celebrate with these simple yet delicious ways to spice up your cookies this National Cookie Day!

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