Turnover brings crowd together in indie paradise at The UC Theatre

Skylar De Pau/Staff

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After releasing an album just last month, alternative rock band Turnover visited The UC Theatre on tour to promote its fresh record, Altogether. On Nov. 27, fans crowded in to see openers Renata Zeiguer and Men I Trust before the Virginia indie boys took the stage. 

While the band usually hosts three main members, the live show boasted five musicians to accurately translate all of the recorded music into a live experience. On a typical stage, synthesizers are pushed to the side while strings and singers stand at attention, but lead singer Austin Getz sat behind an expansive array of keys front and center for the entirety of the show. 

And just like the band’s newest album, the set started with a welcoming performance of “Still In Motion.” Taking a slow start, the song developed into a frenzy of sound, combining previous alternative influences with the new jazzy direction Altogether introduced upon release. Holding ever-changing pacings and instrumental directions, “Still In Motion” set the calm but cathartic tone for the rest of the night. 

Bringing it back to the band’s 2015 emo era, “New Scream” led Getz away from the synthesizer and to an acoustic guitar — still sitting down of course. The audience grew rowdy as the old favorite pressed on, crowd surfing especially slowly to the front as the chaotically mellow song wrapped up.

The energy continued to rise for “Cutting My Fingers Off,” yet another fan favorite off of the band’s sophomore album Peripheral Vision. The guitarists on stage, Getz and touring member Nick Reyfield, played with steady concentration through the atmospheric riffs. Crowd members responded passionately to a climactic build after the midpoint of the song, lifting open arms and aggressively spouting lyrics beside the band.

A sudden switch back to content from the new album encouraged a mosh pit featuring people politely bumping into each other and gently prancing around the circle. But the easy pace of the mosh was not indicative of the band or crowd slowing down. Even when Turnover’s songs reached more mellow points, like it did with “Parties,” the crowd stayed lively as the dynamism of the instruments added variation to keep the audience awake and moving throughout the set.  

“Take My Head,” as one of the faster-paced tracks Turnover has released within the last five years, had a very distinct sound perfectly reflective of Peripheral Vision. Each record by Turnover has a unique tone from the one before, and when performed live, the difference is even more apparent in pacing and lyrics — but especially in crowd familiarity. 

It was easy to tell that “Sending Me Right Back” was a song from Altogether for the cuffed jeans paradise that sonically pairs with that record. More atmospherically funky and at a faster pace than other songs, especially felt in the vocals, songs from Altogether added a soulful new edge to the Turnover live set. 

“Plant Sugar,” another of the singles off of the new album, was wholly accurate to the recording. Luckily, the live performance still gave a more organic sound courtesy of raw vocals and drum tones from Austin and drummer Casey Getz. Audience members were positively receptive to all of the songs played over the night, but it was more than obvious that the older songs just hit different.  

“Seedwong” proved as a surprise for audience members, as it was the only song performed from the band’s first full length album in 2013, Magnolia. Sounding much more mellow in person, the tone seemed to be more reflective of the band’s current style than the edgier mood of the past. 

As he thanked the Bay Area for the night’s performance, Austin Getz said, “I love this place more than anywhere in the world.” As the light tones of “Humming” began, dramatic lighting came out of the sides of the stage like pillars, upping the production as the show came to a close. 

In poetic musician fashion, Austin Getz introduced the final song, “Super Natural” and said: “This song is about the first time that I visited California with the girl that I fell in love with. She’s here tonight, so this song is for her — wherever she is.” And wherever she was, she was undoubtedly among people in love with the band, maybe in a different way, but just as much. 

Highlights: “New Scream,” “I Would Hate You If I Could,” “Much After Feeling”

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