It’s Friday! 5 reasons Fridays are the best

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There’s just something about Fridays that you don’t see on any other day of the week. Friday is that special day of the week when everyone can’t wait to be done with class and kick back for the weekend. We at the Clog have compiled a list of our favorite things about Friday!

Attendance is at an all-time low

Friday after Friday, it’s not surprising to walk into your morning class and be met with only a fraction of the total class size. Not just your morning classes, but your afternoon classes probably seem just as empty. Perhaps everyone is just so burnt out from the previous four days of class that they decided to skip the fifth day to enjoy a three-day weekend instead — if we’re being honest, we don’t blame them.

Upper Sproul Plaza is more packed than ever

Friday beats all of the other days of the week by a mile when it comes to how crowded Upper Sproul Plaza can get. Not only do we have our usual consulting clubs begging us to join and then rejecting us, but there are also tons of other clubs and student organizations selling snacks and conducting interesting fundraisers. One fundraiser involved smashing a pie in someone’s face for a couple of dollars. What a perfect way to release all the stress of the week before entering the weekend!

The Student Learning Center and the libraries are deserted

On any other day, you can forget grabbing one of those comfy armchairs at The Bancroft Library or getting a tutor at the Student Learning Center, or SLC, to immediately attend to your doubts. You can’t help but pray that the person sleeping on the armchair wakes up, so that you can nap in their place; at the SLC, you end up waiting and hoping that the person before you will hurry on with their queries. Lucky for you, Friday exists, so not one, but five armchairs are available, and you have the tutor’s undivided attention!

Memorial Glade is transformed

The true magic of Fridays can be seen on Memorial Glade. Take a walk around the Glade about 4 p.m., and you’ll be met with the most beautiful sight. You can be sure to find at least four different groups enjoying a picnic, the Cal Quidditch team having a blast practicing, students playing frisbee and even the cutest of dogs frolicking in the sun!

Excitement is in the air

Everyone on campus seems a lot more cheerful (well duh, it’s almost the weekend!) and festive on Fridays. Don’t forget to take the time to stand and listen to the wonderful a cappella groups performing for us near Sather Gate on Friday afternoons! Almost everyone you talk to during class is going to ask you about your weekend plans, and no matter how many times you have to repeat it, it never gets annoying! The general atmosphere on campus isn’t half as fast-paced as the other days of the week. You can almost feel time come to a standstill as you sit outside the Golden Bear café and relish your burrito bowl instead of gulping it down.

So there you have it! We hope you could relate to our list on all things Friday!

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