Quiz: Build a brownie sundae, we’ll predict your finals week

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In honor of National Brownie Day and the fast-approaching finals week, we at the Clog have put our fortune-telling to the test. Based on the brownie sundae you build in this quiz, we will predict how your finals will go this semester.

  1. Choose a brownie piece.
    1. Corner piece
    2. Middle piece
    3. Side piece
    4. It really doesn’t matter.
  2. Will you have ice cream in your sundae? If so, what flavor?
    1. Vanilla
    2. Chocolate
    3. Mint chip
    4. Nope
  3. Will you have whipped cream on your sundae?
    1. Just a little.
    2. Yes, but a lot.
    3. Nope
    4. Just give me the can.
  4. Pick a topping.
    1. Peanuts
    2. Sprinkles
    3. Berries
    4. Nutella
  5. Choose another topping.
    1. Hot fudge
    2. Caramel sauce
    3. Cookie dough
    4. One topping is plenty.
  6. What are you eating it out of?
    1. A bowl
    2. A plate
    3. A glass
    4. My hands because I’m a barbarian.
  7. Do you want a cherry on top?
    1. Yes, but just for looks. I won’t eat it.
    2. Yes, it’s the best part.
    3. No thank you.
    4. I don’t care.
    1. You’ll ace all of your finals — Based on your choices, it looks like you’re going to be really prepared for your finals, or maybe not, but either way you’ll do well on all of your finals. So make sure to take it easy, and stop studying.
    2. Someone will start a fire so that finals get canceled — Based on your choices, we predict that someone close to you (emotionally or physically) will start a fire and pull the fire alarm just as your final begins because they’re not prepared. Oh well, maybe it’ll help you, maybe it won’t. One thing we know for sure is that it’ll make an interesting story to tell all of your friends at home.
    3. You’ll sleep through a final — Based on your choices, it seems like you’ll probably sleep through a final or two. We don’t blame you — studying is hard and sleep-inducing. Maybe your professor will be nice and let you retake your final, or maybe they won’t. Who knows?
    4. You’ll be framed for a cheating scandal — Based on your choices, we predict that someone will frame you for a cheating scandal. Whether they’ll plant a stolen final exam in your bag or tell a GSI you were looking at their test, you’ll get caught and face a disciplinary board, where you’ll have to go on some complex mission to prove your innocencegood luck!

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