Reasons why microwaves are the best appliances in your home

Allen Zeng/Staff

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Dec. 6 is National Microwave Oven Day — yes, that is a real holiday. Microwaves are a must-have for many college students. They truly make life so much easier because of the convenience they provide. Here are just a few reasons why microwave ovens are the best appliances you can ever own!

Rescue your leftovers

If you hate cold leftovers, microwaves are a must. It’s common to cook too much food and store the leftovers to enjoy later, especially during holiday feasts such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Microwaves are the most convenient appliance for these occasions. Pop your leftovers into the microwave, set your timer and your food will taste just as delicious as it did the day before!

Save time on dishes

Heating food on a stove can sometimes be necessary but involves the use of a pot or a pan. If you use a microwave, such kitchenware is not needed at all. Just wrap a plate of your food with plastic wrap and pop it into the microwave. Set a timer and your food will be ready to go. This can save you loads of time on dishes, making microwaves all the more convenient.

Heat your food to the perfect temperature

With a stove, it can be difficult to control the level of heat, sometimes resulting in too high of a temperature for some foods. On the other hand, with a microwave, you don’t have to worry about this at all. All you need to do is decide how much time and the level of heat you want your food to be exposed to — you can literally decide down to the last second. If you need to heat your leftovers, maybe you’ll need more time. If you want to melt some butter to bake with, 10 seconds might just be enough. Cooking couldn’t be easier with a microwave!

More diverse food options

Frozen foods have become incredibly popular over the years. These taste great and there’s an incredible diversity of options — have you ever walked the frozen food aisles of Trader Joe’s? The options are endless and rather simple to prepare — all you have to do is follow the instructions on the packaging. From corn dogs to full course meals, you can prepare all your food with just a microwave. Can someone say “bone apple teeth?”

These are just a few reasons why a microwave oven might be the best appliance you can own. If you have a busy life or just want to find more convenient and efficient ways to cook, a microwave is the appliance for you. Happy National Microwave Oven Day, Golden Bears!

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