A local’s perspective: Why you should never leave CA

Infographic describing why you should never leave California
Jazmine Solorzano/Staff

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Let’s be honest — there’s no better state than California. And as a born and raised Californian who chose to stay here for college, I feel like I am qualified to explain why there’s no reason to ever move away from this beautiful state. 

The food is unbeatable.

California produces the greatest value of agricultural products in the United States. This means that fresh and local produce of every variety is available year-round for those of us who live here. Additionally, the diverse nature of California’s population means that there is also a wide variety of cuisines you can try — moreso than any other state. California is a state that emphasizes innovation and trying new things, and this applies in the food world as well. These factors combine to offer an array of amazing food in the state that’s guaranteed to satisfy whatever craving you have. This alone is enough to keep anyone in one place.

California is home to the entertainment industry.

Between Hollywood and the bustling music scene, California is home to much of our nation’s and the world’s entertainment industry. This gives us the possibility of celebrity sightings throughout the state and access to plenty of concerts and music festivals. Movies filmed in California set the tone for how the rest of the world perceives American culture. 

There is every type of climate.

California’s large size allows you to experience nearly every type of ecosystem all in the same state. From mountains to deserts to forests to beaches, California boasts some of the best of everything. Though it may take a while to drive from one to the next, the fact that you can access all of them relatively easily is something that no other state offers. And even if you don’t take advantage of all that California’s geography has to offer, the longer you stay in the state, the more time you have to consider trying something new.

California is the perfect mix of small towns and cities.

We all have our preferences for living situations. Some people thrive off the buzz of a busy city, others want to walk out their front door and not see another person for miles and others can’t get enough of the small-town charm. California offers it all, and in varying degrees. For example, San Francisco and Los Angeles offer the true big city experience, while Sacramento and San Diego have a more laid-back city vibe. This means that you’re sure to find your ideal living situation within the state, or you have the opportunity to try a new one if you haven’t before.

California is the state that does it all: every type of food, every type of ecosystem, plenty of entertainment and every type of settlement. Because of this, it offers something for everyone and enough things to do, so you’ll never get bored by spending your entire life here. This means there will never be a reason to leave!

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