Avocad-who? The mystery behind the Californian obsession with avocados

Gisselle Reyes/Staff

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We’ve all seen it: people paying nearly $3 extra for guacamole at Chipotle, $1o for a single slice of avocado toast and proudly sporting clothing adorned with the fruit. Somewhere along the line, avocados became a quintessential Californian food, and now restaurants across the nation advertise any food item with avocado on it as the “California” one. Whether you can’t stand the sight of avocados, put them on everything you eat or are simply confused by the phenomenon, it’s a good idea to think about exactly why everyone in California seems to be obsessed with avocados.

To start with, eating an avocado is not like eating any other fruit. Their texture falls somewhere in between that of a mango and a banana, and their taste is somewhat creamy and nutty at the same time. Unlike any other fruit or vegetable, they can be eaten either sliced or mashed, and they don’t need to be cooked to be edible. Therefore, maybe Californians are obsessed with avocados because they feel a need to differentiate themselves from the rest of the country, just like avocados differentiate themselves from every other fruit.

Secondly, avocados are aesthetically pleasing. There’s nothing like cutting one open and unearthing the brilliant green flesh, complemented by the contrastingly dark brown pit. Perfectly arranged avocado slices on top of any salad or toast instantly makes an Instagram-worthy dish. So maybe the avocado craze is just another part of Californians’ obsessions with their online presence.

Despite all the fuss around this fruit, avocados actually do have some major health benefits. They’re chock-full of nutrients and are a source of “good fat,” which keeps you full for a long time. Californians are known for healthy eating and living, so obsessing over avocados fits right in with this lifestyle.

Along with these health benefits, avocados fit into every type of diet. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan — this fruit does it all. California is known as the home of many fad diets, so avocado is the one food that will provide an adequate source of nutrition for your friends when they cut out a different food group all at the same time.

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s undeniable that the majority of Californians will continue to obsess over avocados and pay ridiculous amounts for them as long as they can.

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