Does your style scream Bay Area hipster or SoCal surfer?

Kristen Tamsil/Staff

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Whether you’re from good old California or anywhere else in the world, I’m sure you’ve noticed the debate between NorCal and SoCal. Although they both belong to the Golden State, there’s a clear difference in the stereotypical wardrobe, personality and lifestyle of each place. Here’s a quiz to find out if your style lines up with the hipsters of Silicon Valley or the sunburned bros of Venice Beach. 

  1. It’s Sunday morning. What are you up to?
    1. Grabbing my board shorts to catch some waves!
    2. Jean jacket — it’s time to go thrifting.
  2. You’re headed to class, and it’s raining.
    1. Can’t forget my Patagonia puffer.
    2. I have three jackets on, and I’m still cold.
  3. Pick a shoe, any shoe!
    1. Rainbows
    2. Blundstones
  4. You’re forced to shop at one mainstream store for the rest of your life! You pick …
    1. Uniqlo
    2. Brandy Melville
  5. If the weather agrees, pick a bottom!
    1. Shorts in any form.
    2. Corduroy anything.
    1. Your style says SoCal baby! Whether you’re hitting the beach or the latest Yelp recommended sushi joint, you’ve got your favorite pair of shorts and sandals. You may be a bit basic at times, but hey– who cares? Brandy’s popular for a reason right? Keep trending!
    2. Your style screams NorCal! Whether you’re wearing Warby Parker frames or a Patagonia fleece, you look cool and comfortable. Urban Outfitters may be your go-to, but if you get bored, thrifting is always an option. You have an effortless style that seems thrown together in the dopest way possible. Keep cozy!


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