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Editor's note: CA pride

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DECEMBER 06, 2019

We all know the West Coast is the best coast, and there’s no debate on whether California is the superior state. And whether you’re a surfer, student, celebrity, radical politician, hippie or farmer, the one thing that unites this diverse state is our pride of living in it. As a tribute to our home, what better way to end 2019 than by celebrating all that we love about California?

The Clog definitely didn’t shy away from content this time around — there’s hella articles for you to read! You can travel to various California hot spots with our Clog writers, take a quiz to determine which California city you are, learn why avocados are such a big deal and explore the realities versus expectations of an international student studying in California. 

Read our pieces while you’re waiting for traffic on the 405 or relaxing on the pristine beaches! We can promise this packaged content will give you an even stronger sense of pride for this beautiful state we all call home. 

Peace, Love, Clog. 

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DECEMBER 06, 2019