Quiz: Which coastal CA city are you?

flickr/Creative Commons

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In honor of the Pacific Ocean and California, the greatest state in the United States (and best place on Earth), we at the Clog have made a quiz to help you figure out which coastal California city you are.

  1. Which word describes you the best?
    1. Innovative
    2. Chill
    3. Introvert
    4. Outdoorsy
  2. Pick an animal.
    1. Great white shark
    2. Sea otter
    3. Great blue heron
    4. Mountain lion
  3. What’s your favorite climate?
    1. Foggy
    2. Cloudy
    3. Rainy
    4. Sunny
  4. Which one of these activities sounds the best?
    1. Sightseeing landmarks
    2. Shopping in local stores
    3. Reading a book by the fire while it’s raining outside
    4. Sunbathing on the beach
  5. Choose a TV show.
    1. “Full House”
    2. “Big Little Lies”
    3. “Bates Motel”
    4. “Zoey 101”
  6. Pick a famous California bridge.
    1. Golden Gate Bridge
    2. Bixby Creek Bridge
    3. Sundial Bridge
    4. San Diego–Coronado Bridge
  7. Finally, choose a famous Californian.
    1. Michelle Pfeiffer
    2. John Steinbeck
    3. George Lucas
    4. Serena Williams
    1. San Francisco — You’re San Francisco! You’re an urban, seaside city that’s covered in fog and nostalgia. While you may not be the largest city in California, you’re internationally recognized for your unique history and charm! In other words, you’re great!
    2. Monterey — You’re Monterey! You’re a calm coastal town, home to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Pebble Beach Golf Links and the quaint town of Carmel-by-the-Sea! You’re an underrated gem of California and one of the reasons why California’s the best state!
    3. Mendocino — You’re Mendocino! You’re a small, secluded paradise in the true Northern part of California. Home to cliffside trails overlooking the ocean, a variety of plants and cloudy, cozy weather, it’s a hidden gem of California.
    4. Malibu — You’re Malibu! You’re a beautiful, hot, beachside town in Southern California with views of the ocean and mountains. You’re very popular and home to several celebrities, which shows just how alluring California is!

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