How to get a certified birth certificate

One can never underestimate the importance of a certified birth certificate. In the United States, a certified birth certificate is one of the four vital records used to prove citizenship. This certificate is a very pivotal document one can use in getting documents like your international passport, social security number, and renewing your driver’s license.

It is one of the means of identification as a US citizen by Federal, States and Local government parastatals. You will require the certificate when applying for the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) which uses a famous pre-check program.

In order to pass through security lines at airports, you will have to carry with you a valid passport or ID which, after October 2020, will have to obey the Real ID-complaint. This rule basically will make sure that all identification cards pass the minimum security standards. In case you don’t possess a Real ID, you will have to get one and for that, you will need to present your birth certificate. As shown, the certified birth certificate is usually referred to as the Holy Grail of Identity in the US and even in some cases, it can be required as a vital record for landing a job.

The certified copy of birth certificate usually has the official state’s embossed or impressed seal, the registrar’s signature and date at which the certificate was filed in the registrar’s office. You have to file for the certificate within one year of birth and the process of obtaining a certified birth certificate is dependent on the state issuing you the certificate.

The Federal government does not give copies of the birth certificate or any other personal vital records. Most states make use of a centralized source from which birth certificates and other vital personal records are ordered. Every State in the United States has its different set of rules or fees to obtain or order for the certified birth certificates or any other vital records.

You can check the rules and fees online before proceeding to order or obtain the certified birth certificate. If you want to replace your original birth certificate, it is important that you first locate the office of vital records in the state where you were born. You can also get this information online. You can walk into their office or apply online.

You could be required to provide a state-issued form of photo ID such as a driver’s license. You can call in to know your options if you don’t have a state-issued form of photo ID. Some states such as California make exceptions by offering you a solution. For instance, having your mother or father write a notarized letter with a copy of their photo ID. Either of your parent’s names must be written on your birth certificate.

It is also important that when ordering a certified birth certificate, you make sure you don’t order the shortened versions of the birth certificate which some states offer. The abstract version is not acceptable when applying for a US passport, social security benefits, and many other personal vital records. You have to make sure that the birth certificate has the registrar’s signature and other necessary items are on it.

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