‘Kitten season’ continues into holidays, according to Berkeley Humane

Richard Chen/File

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Kitten season has lingered into the holidays, and this year alone, Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society, or Berkeley Humane, has found homes for more than 600 kittens.

Berkeley Humane, which was founded in 1895, works to serve the people and animals of Berkeley by establishing “life-saving” programs for cats and dogs, according to its website. The shelter takes in animals from areas around the Bay Area who are in need of “medical care, improved nutrition, enrichment and lots of love,” according to a press release from Friday.

“Cats are the absolute best,” said campus freshman Bella Muñoz. “Adoption is so important: You are literally changing these animals’ lives for the better and it means more to them than you’ll ever know.”

Over 60 kittens were flown to Bay Area shelters to help make space in Southern California municipal shelters, according to the press release.

For the effort, dubbed “Operation Kitten Wings,” staff and volunteers at Berkeley Humane helped organize an air transport of 66 kittens from Orange County shelters to make space for more than 500 kittens in Southern California. Kittens ranging from 2-7 months of age were flown from Los Angeles to Alameda County, according to the press release.

The warm months of September and October were likely a huge factor as to why cats were having additional litters, according to the press release. It also said, during pregnancy, a cat’s gestation period is around two months, which makes it possible to birth up to five litters per year.

“I love that it is kitten season. It makes me so happy to hear about the fact that there are so many animals finding homes during the holiday season,” said campus freshman and cat-lover Ruby Sartain-Miller. “Everyone needs a family, and animals are no exception.”

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