Students you’ll run into at Moffitt Library

Illustration of people in Moffitt
Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

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If you’re a seasoned UC Berkeley student, we’re sure you’ve experienced a fair share of weird dead week encounters. The stress of upcoming finals leaves students with odder habits than the typical school week. As we embark on this stressful time of year, we at the Clog would like to take a minute to acknowledge the various folks you’ll run into at Moffitt Library this dead week.  

The person who never leaves 

Usually a member of the STEM family, there is always that one kid who sets up camp at Moffitt. You can spot this type of student in a cubicle, wafting an odor and with a distraught expression on their face. They mark their territory and stick with it. In some rare cases, this student will even bring a sleeping bag to curl up for naps every few hours. Who needs a full night’s sleep when you’ve mastered the art of power napping in between coding sessions. 

The territory marker 

There is always that one person who comes into Moffitt early to snake one of the coveted fifth-floor spots, just to leave for hours, maybe even days at a time. It’s as if a ghost has occupied their area for the remainder of the day. God forbid this person moves their gear with them for that three-hour food break, they’ve marked that spot for eternity! 

The one who’s on Netflix 

Are they watching course captures or a documentary for class? The answer is usually no! That’s right, we are referring to the student that lugs their humongous backpack to the dark halls of Moffit to binge-watch that new Netflix original series. They typically take over prime library real estate just to latch on to the free Wi-Fi and feel productive. At least this librarygoer usually keeps up with the library’s silent rule when they enter the world of entertainment, and hey if your bored, sit behind them and enjoy the magic of television. 

The squad 

Ah yes, in every library you’ll find the squad. This lovely group is rarely quiet and often mildly productive. You can typically find a mix of one or two trying to grind, while the rest are sharing the latest GIF on student problems. Although sometimes obnoxious, this group usually means well, and if your lucky, they got a study room and will be out of your hair. They may struggle to focus, but at least they have each other.    

The napper 

A crowd favorite is a student that occupies a perfectly good seat to knock out on top of their books immediately. Maybe they’ve mastered the art of osmosis or are just that sleep-deprived, but come on, we’ve all been there. Oddly, the napper can keep you motivated to finish that to-do list, so that you can go nap as well. But you might want to just take a break and get back to it later. Sleep is important! 

Those are just a few of the folks you’ll run into this dead week. If you want to experience even wackier behavior, enter Main Stacks — if you dare. We recommend sticking it out in Moffitt for now. Happy studying! Remember, two weeks then we’re free!

Summer Kailani is the deputy blog editor. Contact Summer Kailani at [email protected].