Television shows you should watch during dead week according to your major

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We get it. You feel like you’ve been studying endlessly and desperately need a break. What if we told you that you could watch some Netflix and still feel productive? The Clog’s got your back. Here are some popular television shows you must watch according to your major!

Molecular and cell biology

There’s no dearth of medical dramas in the present television scene. Get some real-life experience by watching “House” and making your own diagnoses along the way with House’s team! Or if you’re in need of a bit more spice, “Grey’s Anatomy” is the perfect combination of drama and knowledge. And if you’re looking for some inspiration and want to see a med student’s photographic memory in action, we recommend “The Good Doctor”!

Business administration

Leave your books aside for a minute and watch a couple of episodes of “Shark Tank.” Analyze what each company gets right and wrong, what you’d change and practice crunching those numbers to make conclusions of your own!

Cognitive science

What better way to take a study break than by watching National Geographic’s “Brain Games” or Netflix’s “The Mind, Explained.” You can now experience the real-world manifestations of the neuroscience behind human memory, learning and myriad other cognitive abilities. And if you’ve exhausted these, we suggest “The Act” on Hulu, based on a true story, where you can see the effects of Munchausen syndrome.


Now would be a good time to finally watch “The Good Place” and attempt to make sense of the broader philosophical ideas and the overall concepts of a “good place” and a “bad place.” Maybe this will inspire you to emulate Chidi Anagonye and start teaching your peers at the library about ethics!


If you’re a physics major, plan a viewing party to binge on the new season of “Rick and Morty” and have a good laugh at all the nuanced physics jokes — however exaggerated. But if you’re looking for something basic, there’s always “The Big Bang Theory”!

Legal studies

Practice your knowledge by watching an intense episode of “Suits” and follow Mike and Harvey along as they attempt to crack even the toughest of cases!

Computer science

While it’s highly unlikely that you computer science majors would actually take our advice and watch some TV, nevertheless, we suggest “Silicon Valley” and “Black Mirror.” While “Silicon Valley” can give you a good laugh and prepare you for life in the tech industry after college, “Black Mirror,” in its own twisted, satirical way, will teach you about the perils of some tech innovations or maybe even inspire you!

So there you have it. We hope we were successful in taking your mind off of the books for a hot second, while still ensuring that you were getting something out of it!

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