A blissful day trip to Todos Santos, Mexico

flickr/Creative Commons

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Located an hour’s drive away from sunny Los Cabos, Mexico, Todos Santos is a quaint and historic town renowned for its cultural art scene, delicious healthy eats, world-class surf breaks and staggeringly beautiful sunsets.

Jazmin Cubilla/Staff

The town is framed by desert mountains and the Pacific, with the deep blue sea spanning as far as the eyes can see. To describe the feeling of this town is to describe that homey, cozy vibe that one gets when arriving at a new destination that is both completely unknown and warmly welcoming. The locals are endlessly friendly, greeting newcomers as if they are family. The natural vistas are stunning, with the beaches seamlessly integrating tropical elements with the aridness of the desert landscape.

My family and I began this trip by driving from Los Cabos to Cerritos Beach, a break that provided endless surfing entertainment. After being in the water for a few hours, my mom and I had a casual beach picnic, eating fresh salads that we’d packed in an ice cooler. There’s truly nothing like dining while enveloped by the sunshine and the cool sea breeze!

After lunch, we had a quick 30-minute beach massage at one of the many lounges in Cerritos. The massage was half-relaxing because of the gentle sounds of crashing waves and half-invigorating because of the inevitable sand granules that were mixed into the lotion. At least these grains provided a much-needed exfoliating scrub!

As the sun fell and the shadows grew longer, we packed up our surfboards and beach gear and headed to Il Giardino, an Italian restaurant that had just opened weeks before. Featuring locally-grown produce and pasture-raised meats, the meal was simultaneously stick-to-your-ribs hearty and healthily balanced. Tons of veggies and extra-virgin olive oil provided delicious backbones for the heavier pasta and meat fare!

Jazmin Cubilla/Staff

Il Giardino’s prime location at the top of a mountain allowed us to bask in the fiery sunset as we dined on the sumptuous meal, resulting in an unforgettable end to a spectacularly relaxing excursion.

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