A day away: Places nearby to escape to this dead week

wikimedia/Creative Commons

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Are you tired of being in Berkeley all semester? If you’re looking to escape for a few hours or days and have a bit of time to take a break from studying, this is the list for you! Here are some locations where you can go for the day and still feel far away. Plus, they’re so close that you can get back to the grid in no time! So take a quick breather and visit one of the following locations this dreadful week. 

Marin Headlands

Just a short drive away is the stunning Marin Headlands. You can experience the beautiful natural landscape, small beaches and fun trails all while grabbing glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you get hungry from all the hiking, be sure to stop by the Marin Country Mart for delicious eats. Now go ahead and explore! The dismal library can wait.

Santa Cruz

If you’re feeling in a boardwalk mood, head to Santa Cruz! This fun, laid-back city might be the place for you to vibe out and get distracted from exams. The variety of things to do is endless, from chilling on the beach to hiking through the trees. If you simply can’t tear yourself away from your laptop for too long, you can check out the libraries at UC Santa Cruz!

Big Sur 

Need to forget all responsibilities for a day and go off the grid? Go to Big Sur! You can unplug from technology and soak in a breathtaking waterfall or get lost hiking in the state park. Go head on over and have a picnic at the Bixby Creek Bridge – you can even see elephant seals! So drive on down to Big Sur for the day, and don’t leave without checking out the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

Napa Valley

If you’re in the mood to feel a little fancy and enjoy stunning landscapes, head on down to Napa Valley. Home to some of the country’s best wine, the destination will allow you to take a sip of the flavorful beverage while ignoring your responsibilities. You can unwind and come back to studying rejuvenated. So go grab your favorite brunch gear and drive over to Napa. You won’t regret it!

Half Moon Bay

If you want beach vibes, but don’t want to drive too far, consider heading to Half Moon Bay! This quaint town will give you a cozy feeling to help you loosen up. You can follow a stunning coastal trail, grab a kayak or just sit on the sand. You’ll feel at home with the small-town environment and leave comforted. Make sure to stop by the charming historic area before heading back to campus.


If you want to go far, far away, check out Monterey! You can stop by the famous aquarium and get lost in the sea life. Next, you can head to one of the calming beaches or grab some tasty seafood.  The opportunities in this charming city are endless. Plus, if you want to grind at a coffee shop for a bit before hitting the waves, Monterey has plenty!

Now you know a few places where you can take a day trip and unwind this dead week! Sometimes, the key to being productive is taking a break and enjoying a beautiful landscape. Just remember to return to Berkeley eventually.

Summer Kailani is the deputy blog editor. Contact Summer Kailani at [email protected].