Josh Yuen assumes position as spring 2020 editor in chief

Sam Albillo/Senior Staff

The Daily Californian elected Josh Yuen as the spring 2020 editor in chief on Nov. 6. As of 5 p.m. Dec. 6, he assumed the position.

Yuen, a UC Berkeley senior studying math and public policy, has been a member of the Daily Cal since fall 2016 when he joined the sports department as a reporter. Since then, he has worked as a beat writer for several Cal Athletics programs, including softball, women’s tennis, women’s basketball and football.

In fall 2018, he became the sports editor, and this past semester, Yuen served as the editorial hiring manager and led outreach efforts for the Daily Cal. According to Yuen, being the first face that prospective members see as editorial hiring manager taught him the importance of making a good first impression and emphasizing the rewarding opportunity interested students have to grow while at the paper.

“Having both positions definitely gives Josh a good leg into the door on editorial and business dealings,” said Daily Cal managing editor Sakura Cannestra in an email. “Both are positions that gave him a glimpse of how this organization is run and will be integral to his position now.”

In his platform, Yuen highlighted goals of revamping recruitment efforts, enhancing safety and support efforts for Daily Cal members and encouraging content diversity, among others. But, his overarching goal is to support those at the Daily Cal.

“The responsibilities of being a student of UC Berkeley and a student journalist at Daily Cal can pile up,” Yuen said. “My biggest goal internally is to support … to the best of my abilities.”

Yuen added that this support will translate into better content and more engagement with UC Berkeley students and the surrounding community.

The editor in chief’s role is multifaceted, Cannestra said in an email. In addition to long-term newsroom planning, facilitating interdepartmental relationships and externally representing the Daily Cal, she added that he will be looked to for guidance by staff.

“Josh makes a point to check in with everyone to see how they’re doing, and has always left a positive impact on the newsroom. … I hope he’s able to maintain his positivity throughout the semester,” Cannestra said in an email.

According to Kaitlan Tseng, the creative director of the Daily Cal, Yuen’s commitment to the newsroom has been “undying.”

“I’ve never really seen him tired out by it,” Tseng said. “Even if he is, he is still going at everything he needs to get done. He has a very strong grasp of what his responsibility is.”

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