Individuals sentenced to state prison after shootout in May

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Two Oakland residents — Justin Lofton and Jamel Wilcox — were sentenced to state prison Tuesday in connection to a shootout in Berkeley in May near Stanford Liquor on 62nd Street that left no injuries, as first reported by Berkeley Patch.

Lofton, 22, was sentenced to nine years in prison in San Quentin State Prison for “assault with a semi-automatic firearm,” according to the charges. He also received a charge of $5,470 in fines. 

Wilcox, 20, was sentenced to six years, also in San Quentin State Prison, for “assault with a semi-automatic firearm.” He received a charge of $3,670 in fines as well.

Two other people — Deandre Bess and Isabella Saturn — were also involved in the shootout. Alameda County Judge Kevin Murphy dismissed the charges against Bess in September, and Saturn was sentenced to three years of probation for accessory in November. The charges of murder against Saturn were dismissed in October.

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