The season for saving: Holiday gift ideas under $15

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The holidays are finally here, which means that the season of gift-giving is in full swing! Giving and receiving gifts elicit tons of joy, but for college students, it can feel like our wallets let out a bigger cry with each party we’re invited to. From “white elephant” to “secret Santa,” gift-giving festivities are an integral part of every holiday party. Although these gift-giving festivities may abide by a $20 spending limit on presents, it does start adding up once you start attending more than one event. Here is the Clog’s guide for finding the perfect gift under $15 to both spread the holiday spirit and spare your wallet!

Portable charger (Estimated price: $9.99)

Who doesn’t need a portable charger? With our growing reliance on technology over the past decade, a portable charger is one of the most practical gifts you can give your friends this holiday season. They’ll never have a problem with their phone dying again — unless they forget to charge their portable charger …

Throw blanket (Estimated price: $12.99)

Winter has finally approached! Give someone a cozy blanket this season to protect their body from the freezing weather. Throw blankets are perfect to use when you’re watching TV on the couch, or just lounging around in general.

Finger hands  (Estimated price: $6.39 for a pack of five)

Finger hands, the miniature hand gloves that you slide on your fingers, might sound like a confusing gift, but they’ll have all party attendees bursting with laughter. These tiny hands are a funny gift to give to anyone who enjoys a good laugh or two.

Fuzzy socks (Estimated price: $14.99 for five pairs)

Did someone say fuzzy socks? I don’t know about you, but sometimes my toes get so cold from walking around the house. I know slippers exist, but it’s such a hassle to take them off each time you crawl into and out of bed. Fuzzy socks are the perfect solution to this problem! Your toes will be warm not only while you’re lounging around at home, but also when you’re out and about!

Travel mug (Estimated price: $9.49)

To honor UC Berkeley’s mission of becoming zero waste by 2020, toss your old habit of using wasteful coffee cups in the trash! This winter, say hello to carrying your own travel mug instead. These bad boys are super convenient and perfect for when you’re late, but haven’t had time to finish your morning coffee or hot beverage. 

Mini waffle maker (Estimated price: $9.99)

I mean, who wouldn’t love this? A mini waffle maker is just what all of your friends and family members need to elevate their breakfasts and morning routines.

Wine stopper (Estimated price: $8 for a set of four)

The holiday season signals a time when friends and family eat and drink lots and lots. Wine is a popular beverage during this time of year, and you may have experienced a handful of times when you just couldn’t finish the entire bottle and had no way of closing it again. Don’t let you or your friend’s wine bottles go to waste at the next holiday gathering by gifting someone a wine stopper.

Clout glasses (Estimated price: $12.99 for a pack of eight)

There is no such thing as too much clout. A lot of people may secretly want these glasses, but they’re too embarrassed to purchase it for themselves. Spread the clout this holiday season by buying these glasses for your friends!

As college students, it’s important to save and budget wisely throughout your four-year experience. When it comes to finding gifts, you can still give the perfect present to all of those on your list without having your wallet take a hit. For your next holiday party, check out this guide for some inexpensive and creative gifts that your friends will truly appreciate. Happy holidays from the Clog!

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