ASUC Senate Inter-Semester Committee tables contract discussions

Cheyenne Tex/Staff

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On Friday, the ASUC Senate Inter-Semester Committee held a brief virtual meeting mainly composed of a closed session in which the contract between the Wall Street Journal and the ASUC was discussed.

The previous Inter-Semester Committee meeting that was supposed to be held on Dec. 30 was canceled.

Senators Haazim Amirali, Carolyn Le, Omotara Oloye and Romario were present at the Jan. 3 meeting — Senators Milton Zerman and Jeremiah Kim were absent. The committee opened the meeting with a motion that allowed ASUC Chief Legal Officer Jedidiah Tsang to act as vice chair for the duration of the meeting.

The committee then unanimously voted to add a closed session relating to the Wall Street Journal contract, and the agenda was adopted.

No members of the public were present for comment, and no executive officers or chief appointed officers were present at the meeting to make any reports.

The committee entered a closed session to discuss the aforementioned contract. The contract, Senate Resolution No. 2019/2020-034, is primarily sponsored by Tsang and would have the ASUC “collaborate with The Wall Street Journal to uplift student life and activity on (the) campus,” according to the resolution.

The contract would be funded by the ASUC’s commercial revenue and is composed of a master education subscription agreement between the Wall Street Journal and the ASUC.

After the closed session finished, the committee unanimously approved a motion to table the item until the next standing committee meeting, where it would go to the Governance and Internal Affairs Committee and the Finance Committee. The item was previously assigned to the Inter-Semester Committee during a Dec. 23 meeting.

As there were no discussion items, the committee then took a final roll call before adjournment. The previous meeting minutes were revised to include Senator Romario as legally in attendance.

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