A few RATings of rat memes to celebrate Chinese New Year 2020

Illustration of rat with red lanterns and Chinese buildings
Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

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Welcome back, bears! Chinese New Year is this Saturday, and we at the Daily Clog are celebrating the Year of the Rat with some good laughs from some hilarious rat-themed memes. Join us and reminisce your favorite memes that made you laugh this past decade. Here, we have provided you with ratings, as well as a few critiques. 

The plague wasn’t your fault TikTok

This meme gets an 8/10 in our books. The artist somehow managed to direct and produce an entire cinematic thriller within the span of a few seconds. The melancholy orchestral music in the background mixed with the monotonous, robotic encouragement from Google Translate delivers a heavy dose of emotions. Let’s not leave out the main actor, though. The rat almost looks like it’s actually crying, as we observe it wince in response to a torrent of both swirling pain and relief. This meme would get a 10/10 if only it wasn’t so sad :,(.

Oh **** a rat

This meme is a 9/10. Was there really a rat in the room? If not, was he just practicing for when there might be one? In either case, the reaction is funny and fun to quote. In this meme, we notice that a man, who is otherwise going about his regular life, comes across a rat in the distance. He is unsure of how to go about the situation – so much so that his feet can’t decide whether to move forward or backward in a frenzy of fight or flight. 

You act like you’re better than me

We award this meme with a 5/10. While Stuart Little is an icon, the character is a bit removed from the other rats in the room, for more reasons than just the fact that he’s the only one that wears pants. We think the order in which one consumes this meme is critical to the joke, which can detract from its humor. If you don’t read the names of the characters from left to right, you’ll miss the observation that the “rat that caused the plague” is more popular than Stuart Little. Also, not everyone has seen Stuart Little or Ratatouille, so it’s not as relatable to a broad audience. 

Pizza rat

Pizza rat gets a 10/10, alright? Though it has fallen a bit out of popularity since its debut, it has inspired many rats to pursue the hustle. Additionally, pizza rat is very relatable. The way it drags the heavy slice with vigor and devotion is similar to a UC Berkeley student getting free food or, even better, free boba. Pizza rat provides a unique perspective on life, which makes it unique from other memes. One moment, we’re laughing and then the next, we’re in awe. An absolute showstopper. Thank you, pizza rat.

IRL Remy

7/10. This is so wholesome. The singing. The costumes. The set. The filmography. We were convinced Remy was watching himself on screen. We cannot get over how sweet and funny it is that the rat in the video is so fixated on Remy discovering a new flavor. What’s more, the rat is on top of the most gigantic fluffy pillow we have ever seen. The juxtaposition of the pillow with the tiny chef hat provides an extra layer of depth and emphasis on the big dreams the little rat has for himself, much like Remy. Will this inspire a new live action Ratatouille? Hopefully not.

Rat at a grocery store

This meme is a 10/10. We have not witnessed a truer feeling than this. The fake rat is a symbol of any bad midterm grade you’ve ever received. We wonder how the guy from the “Oh **** a rat” meme would react to the rat in this meme. What really makes this meme hilarious is not only the memorable “hiZZUcK” sound the lady makes, but also the way the lady in the blue asks if the rat is real. 

Rats have been inspiring humor and forcing us to ponder life and its rewards for centuries. They’ve also been making us go, “wow … same,” many times in the last year. We hope you enjoyed this journey with us, and, to those that celebrate it, happy Chinese New Year!

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