4 reasons you don’t achieve your New Year’s resolutions and how you can change that

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It’s a new year, which means we’re back on that New Year’s resolution grind! Every new year, many like to turn over a new chapter in their lives and start fresh. They want this year to be their year. This is the year you eat better, become toned, get better grades and achieve happiness. This is where New Year’s resolutions come into place. These are the goals people want to achieve by the next year. But many, including myself, can’t seem to get it right, and we end up being super disappointed in ourselves. Here are four reasons why it seems impossible to achieve all your New Year’s resolutions. 

Goals are way too high   

Often, we set the bar way too high. That’s why it’s so difficult for us to reach it. Set realistic goals that you know you can achieve! For example, if your big goal is to be more active this year, forcing yourself to go to the gym seven days out of the week is an unrealistic goal if you weren’t already hitting the gym regularly and you’re extremely busy five days out of the week. Know your limit! An alternative goal could be attending the gym three or four times per week rather than seven. It’s a goal you know you can achieve, and it helps you accomplish your bigger ambition of becoming more active!

Way too many goals 

A year might seem like a long time, but boy, will it fly by with a blink of an eye! Rather than having a laundry list of goals, choose three or four and put all your efforts into accomplishing those. This allows you to put more time in achieving each individual goal and gives you a higher success rate on your New Year’s resolutions. 

No game plan 

Making a plan of how you’ll accomplish your goal is vital. How will you achieve your goal if you have no game plan? Take some time out of your day to write out how exactly you’ll achieve your goal. How will you become more active this year? Will you go to the gym two or three times per week? Will you try to hike every weekend? Will you sign up for a 5K? Have a plan, or else your goal will just stay in your imagination rather than become reality. 

No one to hold you accountable  

Sometimes, your own accountability is just not enough. Share your goal with a close friend or family member and ask them to keep you on track! This way, you’ll have yourself and someone else to motivate you to accomplish your New Year’s resolution!   

New Year’s resolutions are not everything. If you don’t achieve all your goals for the year, that’s totally fine! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on the wonderful things you did accomplish and the achievable goals you reached, rather than the things you failed to do this year. Good luck, Golden Bears!

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