Bring ’em back! Trends from the last decade that should make a comeback

Progress is defined by changing trends. Sometimes, however, we leave the most advanced, intelligent fads in the past. Here are six trends from the 2010s which, if resurfaced, would greatly benefit our lives in the 2020s.

Silly Bandz

Not only are Silly Bandz aesthetically pleasing — and this is undeniable — but they are also a form of social connection. No friends in class? Trade some Silly Bandz. Bored at a party? Crack open a new pack of Silly Bandz and flex them. Tired of your current bandz? Trade up. You want to trade a dinosaur for a turtle? Maybe not. Offer me your rocket ship, then we might have a deal. These are the intricacies of the Silly Bandz network. 

Though they might merely appear to be thin, shaped and colored rubber bands, Silly Bandz are an introduction into the world of capitalism. The beautiful thing about the Silly Bandz marketplace, however, is its broad accessibility. Even if you don’t buy them yourself, chances are you will be gifted a Silly Band which a friend isn’t too fond of. And bam! You’re in the network, trading and talking with others about your fine jewelry.


I will preface this argument by saying I do not want snapbacks to resurface alongside the shuffling movement. Don’t get me wrong, spinning your New Era snapback with the stickers still on the brim is super sick and a primary facet of post-LMFAO shuffling, but that’s one part of the culture I think we should leave in 2011.  

In the new decade, Lil Uzi Vert is already setting the standard for new-age shuffling. Uzi’s single “Futsal Shuffle 2020” was released last month, and not only is the dance itself more advanced than LMFAO-esque shuffling, but the song slaps significantly harder than “Everyday I’m Shuffling” by LMFAO. Uzi leads the way.

The end of the world

What’s more exciting than the end of the world? Literally nothing. And I’m not talking about the slow death of the Earth — I’m talking about an instantaneous burst of world-shattering destruction. There are people to see, truths to tell and probably a whole lot of panic before the end. 

This is what I anticipated on Dec. 21, 2012, and I must admit I was very excited by the prospect. It was an added bonus that I hadn’t bought any Christmas presents yet. We were all in it together, most of all, and that sort of unity is only possible in the face of everything you know and love turning to dust. 

The Messiah Foundation International predicts a 2026 apocalypse. The Geological Society expects a devastating supervolcanic eruption in the next million years. Either way, let’s just throw it back and listen to Pitbull and Ne-Yo: “For all we know, we might not get tomorrow.”

Knee-high Converse

There may have been a certain type of person you knew in the early 2010s who was really into horses. Chances are, they rocked knee-high Converse — and they were sick.

It doesn’t matter if they were black, gray or even the overkill version with a million buckles down the sides — you had a different level of swag if you wore these shoes. Not only were your legs warm — and don’t worry about shaving your legs with these babies on — but you also essentially had individual pant legs with shorts, if you so decided. If not, you could simply tuck them under your jeans and nobody knew you even had knee-highs on. Versatility.

Super long shorts

It’s 2012. 6:45 a.m. I just got out of the shower and it’s time to get ready for school. What better way to begin my clothed morning than with a nice pair of athletic shorts that reach “perfectly” below my kneecaps? Well, there is no better way. And now that shorts are trending shorter and shorter each year, my kneecaps must brave the cold air. 

Let me add that long shorts can also double as pants on the ride to school by simply tucking your knees and pulling the shorts down to your ankles. Ingenuity. We need them back. 

Bruno Mars bangers

Bruno Mars, musical genius of the 2010s. Mars’ entire discography thus far was released from 2010-16, and in that time period, he had a popular song nearly every week. The list of certified bangers is ridiculously deep: We start with “The Lazy Song” — who could forget those monkey masks from the music video? — then move to “Grenade,” “Just the Way You Are,” “Count on Me” and “Marry You,” all of which were on his first 2010 album. Everybody — seriously, everybody — knew these songs. For me, FM radio and all of its non-customizable music was still a fixture of everyday life at that time, and as such, Bruno Mars was a fixture of everyday life. Add “Treasure,” “When I Was Your Man,” “That’s What I Like,” and more recently, “Wake Up in the Sky” with Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, and we’re only just getting started. GOAT status!

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