Renaissance Man!!

Illustration of person looking at their mirror image
Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

In December, plans are made

Grandiose visions for the next decade

Statements said, proclamations made

A Renaissance Man in the new year


An instantaneous transformation

Expectant with the new year

Reformation of one’s habits

A brand new person replaced


Midnight countdown on New Year’s Eve

Will dissolve bad habits away

Resolutions spurred by enthusiasm bursts

Charge with newfound energy


One-twelfth of the year gone by

It’s end of January!

Where are you, Renaissance Man?

Whither did you go?


Castles sans foundations built

Foundations on sand and not stone

Airy dreams cannot be sustained

And inertia just seeps in


Proclamations and resolutions

Now tidbits of one’s history

Flashes of memory submerged

Deep into the mind’s conscience


A comeback at the end of year?

Oui, that’s a guarantee!

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