Game of Thorns: Everyone is a villain on Week 4 of ‘The Bachelor’


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Welcome back to “The Bachelor,” where the truth is made up and actually finding true love doesn’t matter! We’ve reached week 4 of Pilot Pete’s season, which is slowly devolving into a female version of “Lord of the Flies.” This week starts off with a showcase of the fantastical traveling and romantic locations “The Bachelor” is known for, with Chris Harrison informing the ladies that they are all going to the famously fantastic and romantic Cleveland, Ohio. 


The first one-on-one of the week goes to Victoria F. The date immediately starts with Peter flying her around Ohio, as per the weekly mandate of reminding the audience that Peter is a pilot. Victoria F. and Peter also go to Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world. But Cedar Point has nothing on the emotional roller coaster going on in Victoria F.’s mind when she finds out that the random country singer serenading her and Peter on their date is none other than her ex-boyfriend, Chase Rice. As they always say, the devil works hard but “The Bachelor” producers work harder. Victoria F. later confides in Peter that the man he was geeking out about earlier in the evening was her ex.

Next up is the obligatory football group date, complete with random football professionals who are seemingly questioning the life decisions that brought them here. The girls split up into two teams, and with only the winning team going on to the after-party, they battle it out pretty fiercely. But the game ends in a tie because life is crazy that way sometimes. So everyone ends up going to the after-party, all sore and slightly disappointed.

If they are already disappointed going in, just wait. Alayah, who got eliminated last week, prances back in during the after-party to talk to Peter and clear her name. Alayah steals Peter away and explains how betrayed she felt by the girls, particularly Victoria P., who Alayah said she saw as a friend before the show. Peter is confused because Victoria P. had said last week that she had only interacted with Alayah for 3 hours max before. Peter confronts Victoria P. about this discrepancy of information and Victoria P. spouts out things like “my truth,” so you know she’s been caught in a lie and is gaslighting her way out.

So what does Peter do? Squash the drama by spending time with the other girls who spilled their blood, sweat and tears at the group date while playing football to win time with him? Of course not — that’s too rational. Instead, he spends the rest of the group date trying to talk with Victoria P. and Alayah together, and then talking with Alayah again. Then, Pilot “Open Invitation to the House” Pete asks Alayah if she wants to come back on the show. And if that’s not enough, he gives her the group date rose, leaving every single woman angry and questioning the life decisions that brought them here.

Peter goes on his next one-on-one date with Kelsey of ChampagneGate™ fame. It’s a fine date, but completely unmemorable compared to the multiple controversies brewing back at the hotel. First, Alayah — during her blissful days off when she was connected to the internet again — found out about Victoria F. and Peter’s date, aka what Hannah Ann might call the Chase Rice “finasco.” She spreads it around to the other girls, who had no idea what went down. Upset, Victoria F. confronts Alayah, who makes herself very hard to root for because of her resting smirk face. So, now both Victorias are not happy with Alayah.

Meanwhile, all the other girls are stewing at Peter for completely neglecting them and focusing solely on this Alayah and Victoria P. drama. A few of them tell him off during the cocktail party and Peter continues his transformation into a wounded labrador. Will he go full sad boi next week? Only time will tell, but for now the preview promises more tears, fights and pettiness. And absolutely no blossoming love. What else is new?

Villain count

  • Hannah Ann for the alleged ChampagneGate™ 
  • Kelsey for allegedly bullying Hannah Ann over ChampagneGate™ 
  • Victoria P. for seemingly lying about how well she knew Alayah prior to the show
  • Sydney for starting the witch hunt against Alayah to begin with
  • Alayah for raising her voice three octaves higher every time she interacts with Peter
  • The producers for bringing 23-year-olds onto a dating show to begin with and expecting anything other than CW-worthy storylines

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