Quiz: How should you take flyers from Sproul?

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As the semester starts up again, youll find that every single club is hunting for new members. When you walk through Upper Sproul Plaza empty-handed, youll find yourself with your hands full of flyers and freebies. While its easy to just take the flyers, accepting each and every one is just annoying. Take this quiz to find out how you should respond next time someone tries to press a flyer into your hand on Sproul.

  1. What sort of flyers do you usually get?
    1. Flyers from consulting clubs tend to really get in my face.
    2. I get a lot of flyers from volunteer clubs.
    3. Right now, I’m just getting a lot of flyers talking about politics.
    4. Im a magnet for flyers from niche, artsy and creative people.
  2. How do you usually walk through Sproul?
    1. With my earphones in and my head down.
    2. With my entourage to guard me.
    3. A friendly smile is always on my face.
    4. I refuse to go through Sproul.
  3. How busy is your schedule?
    1. Walking through Sproul? I barely have the time to sprint through it.
    2. I have a four-day weekend every week.
    3. Im taking 14 units, so its pretty manageable.
    4. My schedule is pretty hectic.
  4. How many times a day do you go through Sproul?
    1. Zero. I hate Sproul.
    2. I literally lose count.
    3. Maybe a couple of times?
    4. Pretty frequently — maybe five or six times?
  5. How busy is Sproul when you are there?
    1. Its pretty dead.
    2. I get hit with a flyer every second.
    3. Pretty average — theres a fair amount of clubs walking through.
    4. Theyre usually just setting up when Im there.
  6. How many clubs are you in?
    1. How many? Try every club.
    2. I dont like clubs.
    3. Literally one — I dont have much time to join several.
    4. I dabble in a few here and there.
    1. Politely take the flyer and thank them.
    2. Ignore them — you dont have time for this.
    3. Youre in a bit of a rush, so you cant really take the flyer. Thank them, though!
    4. Listen to their spiel, as youre not in any rush.

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