It’s time to go, Bears: Checklist for students graduating this spring

Illustration of graduating students on the Campanile
Emily Bi/Senior Staff

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Spring 2020 will be the last semester before some of us bid our final farewell to this majestic campus. Being a second-semester senior comes with a lot of hard-earned wisdom, but it would be wrong not to acknowledge that there is also a sense of relief. With our limited time left, here are a few checklist items that seniors ought to complete in the upcoming weeks.

Only eat blue and yellow (gold) food for a week

At UC Berkeley, we BLEED blue and gold. Now is the best time to prove it. Victory literally flows through our veins this year after not just a football victory over Stanford, but now a men’s basketball game win as well. If you are looking for something that satisfies being both blue and gold simultaneously, consider Cool Ranch Doritos. 

Gather a group of friends and have a late-night jam session on the steps of Sproul Hall

The key to this is to make sure that you and your friends are the only ones in the area. Get together, and maybe bring some snacks and blankets. You could decide on a theme like comedy, or it could just be a lineup of bad singing to your friend’s guitar. At the end, you can watch the stars above you.

Paint the Campanile with a focus on abstraction

It doesn’t have to look like the actual Campanile. Rather, it should be the version you have come to know it as throughout your time on campus. Whether your Campanile is rainbow-colored or on fire, your version is valid. An unmistaken symbol of UC Berkeley, the Campanile reminds us that our time here is special. At times when we have felt a bit down or even when we received the best news ever, the Campanile has always been there for us. Why not give it that “draw me like one of your French Girls” treatment? Sit with some paper and paints somewhere on campus you can see the tower, and get going! 

Remember that the journey has only begun

As cliché as it sounds, with every end comes a new beginning. You may not feel it when you reminisce with your friends about the sweet moments throughout your time at UC Berkeley, but don’t deny that feeling you had after that one hard semester. If you feel a bit overwhelmed or worried that there won’t be a future after UC Berkeley, don’t let that stop you from branching out of your comfort zone and learning new things right now. As seasoned UC Berkeley students, we are capable of navigating choppy waters, so we should have confidence as we venture into the next chapter of our lives. Chances are, even your one friend that seems to have it all together is probably concerned about their next steps too. 

Start a new habit that will get you closer to where you want to be in the future

This could be as simple as reading poetry every morning after you wake up or cutting Sriracha out of your life for a while. The key here is to start a new habit that gets you closer to a mindset you want to achieve, whether that be expressing more love to your family and friends or having more patience when things go wrong. This will be especially helpful if you feel lost or don’t quite know what to do after graduation. One thing is constant in this whole process, and that is you yourself. You have to make the most of your last semester, so don’t sacrifice your comfort and build that sense of security for yourself that you can bring into the future.

Be a mentor

Now that your time at UC Berkeley is closing, why not pass on some of your knowledge and learned life lessons to the underclassmen? One of the greatest things about UC Berkeley is its student body. Sometimes, the most influential mentors are no more than a year or two older than us. If you want to make a direct impact, consider being a GBO leader over the summer and help introduce UC Berkeley to incoming freshmen and transfer students. If you prefer more day-to-day interactions, maybe try helping out that one person you see struggling with printing in Moffitt and tell them about free printing at the OCF. 

Every graduating senior you come across will probably have a different perspective toward graduation, but there is no denying that each of them has at least one thing they will miss. One of the things I will personally miss is that sense of relatability that most of us shared toward the struggles of classes and life. The shared stress and collective understanding of the “UC Berkeley experience” have made getting through our time here a little easier. We still have a few months left to go, old Bears, so let’s make sure we and our single brain cells live it up with our hearts full.

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