J’adore les croissants: Don’t flake on this list of pastry places to try in Berkeley!

Sunny Shen/Staff

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The perfect croissant: buttery and flaky to the point where it practically melts in your mouth. Simply thinking about it is enough to make your mouth water. Luckily, here in Berkeley, we are surrounded by bakeries that enable us to easily satisfy our croissant cravings. Just in case you missed National Croissant Day on Jan. 30, we at the Clog have compiled a list of places where you can get your fix any day of the year.


Nestled within the Graduate Hotel on Durant Avenue, right next to Unit 1, the first East Bay outpost of this San Francisco pastry giant has certainly lived up to its reputation in its first few months in Berkeley. Though it is fairly pricey, UC Berkeley students and staff receive a 10% discount and the quality of the pastries will make the price worth it. The flakiness will leave you covered in crumbs — a sign that it’s a high-quality pastry. 

Sheng Kee

Located just seconds from Sather Gate, Sheng Kee is arguably the most accessible and affordable croissant outlet for UC Berkeley students. This Taiwanese-style bakery features a wide variety of pastries with everything from salty to sweet combinations. In particular, its chocolate croissant will hit the spot for chocolate lovers at nearly every hour of the day.

Nabolom Bakery

This family-friendly bakery in the Elmwood district of Berkeley features many different pastries in addition to one kind of vegetarian pizza every day. The kitchen is visible to all patrons, so your croissants are guaranteed to be freshly baked. In addition to plain croissants, it serves almond, chocolate and chocolate-almond croissants.

Paris Baguette

The Berkeley storefront of this international, French-inspired boulangerie lies a little farther from campus on Shattuck Avenue in Downtown Berkeley. Like Sheng Kee, Paris Baguette features both sweet and savory croissants. The ample study space inside the bakery makes the longer trek well worth it.

La Farine

This local chain of boulangeries got its start right past the Oakland border on College Avenue. A quick ride on the 51B or a moderate length walk will land you in front of a fresh, flaky croissant. In addition to its apple, chocolate and almond croissants, La Farine sells a cinnamon and brown sugar morning bun that is to die for. 

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of Berkeley’s bakeries, these are the best places to fix your cravings! Don’t be afraid to have multiple croissants from multiple of these places in one day we certainly won’t judge you for it.

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