Los Angeles: City of angels, food, sunshine

Pariswi Tewari/Staff

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Los Angeles: the city that makes it possible to spot more stars on the streets than in the sky (thanks, LA smog). Whether you’re a local who’s seen it all or simply looking to plan a fun road trip, we’ve compiled a few travel suggestions for you to check off your travel bucket list during your next visit to LA. See if you can check them off already, or resolve to do so ASAP!

Flower District

Located within the Los Angeles Fashion District, this beautiful open flower market spans six blocks! You can find amazing deals on succulents, house plants, fresh flowers and even giant bouquets of fake flowers for events! Each store has its own unique charm, so you can easily spend a few hours perusing all that the district has to offer. Bonus: a local brunch place called Poppy + Rose is praised for its chicken, waffles and seasonal s’mores latte!

Pariswi Tewari/Staff

Downtown LA

What’s not to love about Downtown LA? The first stop on our grand tour of Downtown LA is Grand Central Market, a giant food market offering just about any food you can dream up. Check out its impressive list of vendors!

Just a short walk away, Grand Park offers a relaxing environment for all ages. On many occasions, the park hosts free live concerts, pop-up shops and other festivities! Grand Park is also located right in front of the Los Angeles Music Center, which is home to the Walt Disney Concert Hall — a place you should check out if you’re interested in listening to a world-class performance.

The Last Bookstore is the perfect place for bibliophiles to hang out since it has two floors of books! The store also displays artwork on the second floor, such as an “Alice in Wonderland”-style flying book display and assorted pieces from local artists!

If you can, catch the city view at night from the top of The Standard Hotel. Whether you’re just stopping by or decide to stay the night, the roof offers a bar, swimming pool and water bed pods for relaxing, with a table tennis room on the floor below!

Pariswi Tewari/Staff

Melrose Avenue

You could spend an entire day walking up and down this strip, as it has copious restaurants, cafés and shops to explore! We recommend Alfred Coffee — this café can make even the snobbiest coffee lover’s dreams come true! We’ve also stumbled upon the Amazon Treasure Truck pop-up experience on Melrose before, so be sure to check for similar local events when you visit.

The Melrose Trading Post also offers an exciting outdoor market experience. Browse unique and vintage pop-up clothing stores, plant vendors, crafts, artwork, posters and more! Also, celebrities have been known to frequent the Melrose Trading Post, so keep your eyes peeled for anyone you might recognize! Note that there is a $5 entrance fee to visit the Melrose Trading Post, the proceeds of which go to Fairfax High School.


If you happen to be visiting friends at UCLA and love thrifting, check out the thrift stores in the area! They tend to be well-stocked and are always in high demand. Also, for some greasy late-night grub, check out Fat Sal’s to try some delicious loaded sandwiches and snag the LA version of CREAM Berkeley, Diddy Riese, for dessert!


Take a walk along the beach, get yourself a blue smoothie bowl at Great White or walk the artsy strip of cafés and shops. Whatever you feel like doing, rest assured that Venice has it all! We love the vegan donuts from Blue Star Donuts, although they have delicious regular donuts too! If you’re interested in a new place to do your grocery shopping, the famous Erewhon Market is packed with locally-sourced foods and an indoor café.

There are definitely a ton of amazing places we’ve left off our list this time, but that’s the beauty of such a dynamic and bustling city like LA. We hope that this list inspires your next SoCal bucket list trip and makes you want to explore some new places in the City of Angels!

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