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Quiz: What kind of internship will you have this summer?

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JANUARY 30, 2020

It’s recruiting season, and offers for summer internships are rolling in, while applications are closing up. With companies constantly visiting campus and the stress of job applications weighing us down, the question ringing through many of our minds is how we’ll be spending our summer. Take this quiz to find out!


  1. What college are you in?
    1. College of Letters and Science
    2. College of Engineering
    3. College of Natural Resources
    4. College of Environmental Design
  2. What year are you in?
    1. Freshman
    2. Sophomore
    3. Junior
    4. Senior
  3. Have you had an internship before?
    1. Yup, last summer!
    2. No, I’m a newbie and recruiting is stressful 🙁
    3. I’ve had a bunch of jobs around campus, but not really any internships.
    4. No, but I do participate in a lot of campus clubs.
  4. What sort of internship are you interested in?
    1. Anything would be good, really.
    2. I want to work for a big company in a field related to my major.
    3. I really like startups.
    4. I’d be happy anywhere as long as I am learning something new.
  5. How many applications have you filled out by now?
    1. I’ve lost count.
    2. I haven’t even started looking!!
    3. A couple here and there.
    4. About 5 or 6?
  6. How stressed are you about getting an internship?
    1. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. I don’t want to think about it a lot.
    2. I literally cannot stop thinking about it.
    3. I’ll try again next time if I don’t get it this summer.
    4. I have backup plans, it’s all good.
    1. Looks like you’re destined for McDonald’s. Sorry!
    2. Have fun in Silicon Valley!
    3. Your internship is at a somewhat obscure company, but it’s going to be pretty cool!
    4. You’re going to be in research, which isn’t a bad place to be 🙂


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JANUARY 30, 2020