‘The Good Place’ characters as UC Berkeley majors


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Last week, the final episode of the NBC sitcom “The Good Place” aired. For those of you who don’t know, “The Good Place” was a show about a group of humans in the afterlife learning ethics, which ends up being funnier than you’d think! The cast of characters ranged from a rich British socialite to a man from Jacksonville, Florida whose go-to plan for nearly everything was to throw a dangerous Molotov cocktail. With such a varied group of characters, it makes one wonder what they’d do if they went to UC Berkeley. So, in honor of the show ending, here’s what the characters in “The Good Place” would major in if they went to UC Berkeley.

Tahani: Business

Tahani likes to throw lavish parties and rub elbows with society’s elites. A crucial skill for her to successfully accomplish that is being able to socially network. She’s majoring in business to hone those networking skills, though it also helps that the department is hard to get into, adding exclusivity to the equation. Through this, she can also learn the skills to start her own successful business, which will hopefully finally make her parents proud of her.

Eleanor: Philosophy

The reason Eleanor is a philosophy major isn’t because she has some deep love of the subject. Chances are, she is struggling to keep up with the reading and barely participates during lecture due to her hangover. The reason she’s spending so much time in the philosophy department is so she can be close to Chidi, who’s probably a fellow student, if he isn’t a postgrad already. The only reason why she’s probably not failing is because he’s tutoring her.

Jason: Dance and Performance Studies

It would probably be a little unclear whether Jason is actually a student at UC Berkeley or if he just likes to hang out on campus. Contrary to popular belief, he is actually an enrolled student and has chosen the coolest-sounding major he could find. He goes to class hoping to learn some sick dance moves to bring back to his dance crew, only to realize there’s a lot more work involved. His papers may never get any high grades, but at least once in a while, he learns about something he can’t wait to show his crew back in Jacksonville.

Michael: Psychology and Architecture

These majors are fairly obvious given Michael’s job. His goal was to build an afterlife neighborhood unlike any that had been built before by looking at human psychology. Both majors will probably help him learn new skills and improve at his job. After all, how could he design an Icelandic minimalist house for Eleanor if he didn’t at least understand the principles of minimalism in architecture?

The show may have come to a satisfying end, but it is sad to say goodbye to these characters. Hopefully this list will help you spot the Jasons and Tahanis that might already be attending UC Berkeley.

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