The purr-fect cup of tea: My experience at KitTea Cat Cafe

Chandini Dialani/Staff

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On a bright winter weekend, nothing tastes better than a warm drink while being surrounded by a bunch of cats. Brightly lit with a cozy atmosphere, KitTea Cat Cafe is an ideal place to relax and take your mind off of school. Located on a quiet street in San Francisco, KitTea Cat Cafe is within walking distance of the Civic Center BART station. Before heading to the cafe, you should book a session. Yes, booking an appointment kind of feels like you’re going to go see your therapist, but these cats are so comforting, they pretty much do the same job as your therapist.

While the main attraction at KitTea is the cats, its drinks and sweet treats are also fantastic. While I can’t say that the coffee is world-class (mainly because there aren’t very many coffee options), the variety of teas and other beverages the cafe offers all look very appealing. The hot chocolate topped with homemade marshmallows was extremely luxurious, with the marshmallows making the whole drink a unique and enjoyable experience. If you don’t want to purchase an additional drink, the cafe also offers four different types of tea with unlimited refills in the base fare to get into KitTea.

The main attraction, however, is undeniably the cats. The cafe is decked out with secret paths for the cats to escape for a little “me time,” but you’ll still find several of them roaming around in the main part of the cafe. Overall, the cats were very friendly and calm, allowing people to stroke and pet them. If the cats decided they liked you, they’d even climb onto you and take a quick nap after making themselves comfortable, which was so adorable.

KitTea is the perfect place to destress and prepare yourself for another grueling week at UC Berkeley. These cats have been the highlight of my semester thus far and I highly recommend visiting this spot the next time you find yourself in San Francisco, even if you’re just in need of a nice place to study in!

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